Best Anime Waifu Merch for Otakus

Kawaii Waifus is your one stop online store to anything related to anime waifu merch. Why we are different than other anime merch stores, you ask?

We only cater to the waifu lovers, we only cater to those lewd Otakus we love the 2D girls more than their 3D counterparts.

After all, who can live without these Kawaii waifus?

PS: We can draw your dream anime waifu in any pose and make a product just for you. Click here to see what we can do for you, my naughty friend. Tell us if you need anything!

All the physical products will be delivered within 10-15 business days. Due to pandemic, the delivery might take +5 business days extra for US.

For rest of the world, the delivery for physical products might take 10-30 business days. Due to pandemic, the delivery might take +15 business days extra.

Anime Stickers!

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Anime Commissions!

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Best Selling Waifu Stickers!

Best Selling Waifu Mousepads!

Custom Dakimakura Art & Cases

Anime Acrylic Standee & Shower Curtain

Custom Anime Sticker & Poster

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Anime art commission portfolio

My Anime Commission Portfolio!

I have created over 500+ custom anime arts and here are few which I would like to show you.

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Check my Past Reviews

During my career I have acquired a lot of praises from anime lover clients!

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