3D Mouse Pad Anime

Looking for 3D anime mouse pads where you can touch your waifu?

Here is the sexy 3d mouse pad based on your favorite waifu!

Get your anime butt mouse pad or big booty mouse pad before stock runs out!

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Why buy 3d mouse pad Anime from Kawaii Waifus

The people behind Kawaii Waifus know how much you love your waifus. How do we know?

Because we love them too.

Thus, in our all 3d anime mouse pad, we maintain the highest standards and quality.

The anime boob mouse pads or the anime butt mouse pads are well-made with soft-to-touch material and are durable.

Here are the common features of our 3d mouse pads

  • Our sexy mouse mats come with a rubber base so when you go rough with your titties mouse pad it won’t move.
  • There is no smell of rubber.
  • The 3d mosuepads are made with breathable elastic cloth. So the touch and feel are very nice.
  • The fluffy areas of the anime boob mouse pad and anime butt mouse pads are filled with silicone. Silicone makes it soft and mushy to touch.
  • The anime 3d mouse pads have color prints that are challenging to fade.
  • The foam and silicone in the soft ergonomic 3d anime mouse pad will not deform.
  • The mouses have an ergonomic design and are very relaxing.
  • The sexy mouse pads might also help you get relief from stress and wrist pain as well.
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