Buy Anime Butt Mousepad

Everyone loves an anime booty! And these anime butt mousepads are the closest thing ever to it! Filled with silicon and made with premium materials it will shoe you what touching an anime waifu fees like!

Why Buy Anime Butt Mousepad

Buy our booty mousepads to get intimate with your favourite waifu. You can ergonomically place your wrist on the anime booty and keep working for hours.

The soft material and cushion will keep your wrist pain-free and get you close to touching your waifu.

Features of Our Anime Booty Mouse Pad

  • Size: 26×21.5×3.5 cm
  • Our anime butt mousepads have a rubber base which is durable and keeps the mouse in the same place.
  • This rubber does not smell as well.
  • Our 3d anime booty mouse pad is made with elastic breathable clothing on the top. This makes sure that your wrist does not get sweaty. 
  • This material is easy to clean and also does not lose color.
  • The butt area of the mousepads is filled with silicone. 
  • The anime booty should not lose its shape even after a lot of usage.
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