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15 Most Ecchi anime like highschool dxd for you

Here are 15 echhi anime like highschool dxd full of sexy waifus for you to choose from. Chose your next dose of harem anime now

15 best anime like highschool dxd – Ecchi and Harem

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Synopsis of Anime like Highschool Dxd

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Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Shinmai Maou no Testament is the best anime like High School DxD. It has everything you would expect from an ecchi anime, including beautiful girls and a strong male lead.

Basara’s father introduces two new beautiful girls into his family who is also members of a clan that fights demons.

Basara accepts them as stepsisters into his family, but then reveals himself as a member of the same clan who slays demons – which starts some complications for everyone involved.

Basara, the MC, reveals himself to be one of the members of a clan who fight demons.

The Testament of Sister New Devil is a Japanese light novel series that was adapted into an anime.

The two sisters are members of the demon clan, and their big brother is a member of the hero clan. Mio’s power has not fully developed yet, so she relies on her older sister Yuki for protection until her powers are awakened one day.

Basara agrees to protect Mio due to his honor, as he promised to watch over both girls when they were kids growing up together.

Mio and Basara eventually come under some mster-servant pact and some ecchi actions begin with a full swing.

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10 anime like highschool dxd.

Highschool of the Dead

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This anime similar to highschool dxd even has highschool in its name.

If this was not an ecchi anime, it could have been one of the best zombie-apocalyptic movies. This High School of the Dead anime mixes zombie attacks, one male main character, and strong sexy female characters into a survival story.

The main character Takashi protects his ex-girlfriend and joins with a few other women like Saya, Shizuka the hot school nurse, and more.

This anime will take you to a zombie-fighting world with fan service, comedy, and ecchi moments. For that, this is definitely an anime similar to dxd.

This is also very popular and is also considered as anime like highschool dxd dubbed.

And there are not many anime like highschool of the dead and highschool dxd online.

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Sekirei Plot Summary starts with Minato Sahashi failing his collage entrance exam and in his separate time, one beautiful young woman falls from the sky to him. Yeah, I know a similar story but here is the fun begins. She belongs to an alien race name Sekirei. And Sekirei can kiss a human and awaken their hidden power.

Musabi the alien who fell from sky, kisses Minato, and now they are a pair who will join a battle for survival called Sekirei Plan.

There are many more female characters that will have some encounter with the hero and the story unfolds slowly.

This is one of the top anime of the harem type with a red head girl that you would not want to miss. Sekirei is not too ecchi anime like highschool dxd but definitely is one of the shows similar to highschool DXD.


anime like highschool dxd

Freezing is an action-packed anime with a good story and yes, lots of ecchi moments.

Here, aliens named NOVA attack earth, so the people of earth created their super soldiers with many enhancements. These gave them superpowers. Female soldiers were known as Pandora, and make soldiers are known as Limiters.

Essentially, they are pairs.

And when a new boy, the hero Kazuya Aoi joins, he starts making trouble and hugging someone thinking that she is her sister.

But it turned out, she is one of the strongest Pandora and Kazuya became her limiter.

This odd couple must learn to survive together in order to defeat the Nova.

Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire is a story about Tsukune Aono, an average high school student who enrolls in a school for monsters.

In this anime, he meets Moka Akashiya and has his heart set on becoming her boyfriend. With only one problem: she’s a vampire!

Since Tsukune is the only human in this show (Rosario to Vampire) , he doesn’t have to worry about being turned into a vampire.

The protagonists are high school students who turn into demons when they hit their adolescence. However, there are differences between them both – one of which is that Rosario to Vampire can be seen as more serious than High School DxD because it has darker elements and less comedy.

If you are after a supernatural and ecchi illustration then you should look into this similar anime like high school dxd. This is one of the must-watch shows like high school dxd on crunchyroll.

Interspecies Reviewers (Ishuzoku Reviewers)

If you are looking for a fan service anime then this sexy anime delivers it. A group of inspectors starts their adventure inspecting brothels full of different races of girls.

It could be cowgirls, catgirls, it could be serpent girls or girls with horns etc. And the inspectors want to do hand on research and tell the public about how the sexy anime girls did.

These people visit the brothel to do what the brothel means to do. So you know there will be plenty of steamy scenes with monster girls all over the anime. All over the place as well.

Although there are plenty of monster girls, this is not a horror anime. Rather, it is a sexy anime like highschool dxd anime, which funanimation canceled once.


High School DxD is a harem anime that features over-the-top ecchi scenes, a story that doesn’t develop much, and an abundance of fan service.

To LOVE-Ru has the same things as High School DxD but it’s more focused on character development rather than fan service.

Having said that Lala lands in his (Rito Yuuki) bathtub, naked so there are enough ecchi elements for your eyes.

The male character Rito Yuuki likes his classmate Haruna but the demon girl Lala changes everything.

She proposes to Rito to marry her so that she can avoid a political marriage in the demon world. Rito also finds himself surrounded by many beautiful girls which complicate his life.

But all this gives use a very nice ecchi anime which is an anime like freezing and highschool dxd.

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Campione! is an action, harem anime with fantasy elements. The main characters are suddenly thrown into a world full of magic and find themselves constantly fighting to survive with their newfound powers.

Campione is a small anime series of 13 episodes full of ecchi moments.

The male character Kusanagi somehow defeats the god of war and now gets the God Slayer or Campione title.

This means his status is raised, and he gets all kinds of worship from female followers as well.

The worship methods of beautiful women are immoral, aggressive, and fond. Although the ecchi moments are not intense as highschool dxd, still the Campione will capture your attention when it comes to fights and naughty moments.

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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai

Do not make a pact with a shinigami. The teenage boy Ryosuke Kaga agrees to let Lisara Restole to use some of his essence to stay on Eath.

But she repeatedly does something dirty and heavily perverted things to him.

He only hopes to be normal now but with the beautiful hot god of death, that seems so far away.

If you really want some ecchi animes to watch then you should watch this one.

See the H in the name, that stands for something that you and I both know.

Mayo Chiki!

Kinjirou Sakamachi has a strong body that can even handle a vehicle hitting him, but he fears women. He has gynophobia, he has severe nosebleeds and faints in some cases if a girl touches him.

He belongs to a family of female wrestlers, and one day in the locker room he came to know the butler of Kanade is a girl. She is Subaru. Our hero faints in the locker room and later meets Kanade who says she can cure her phobia.

And the story takes a full ecchi turn.

Heaven’s Lost Property

Chained winged girls falling from the sky on Tomoki and call him master – yep. You got it. Sexy angels calling the male character master and follow him around. If this sounds good, then you are in for a ride for heaven’s lost property.

The male character Tomoki always dreamt of angels and cried and his female friend Sohara is always worried about him. But his dream came true, angels came to him and called him master.

Soon his life changed with his beautiful angels around!

Masou Gakuen HxH

Masou Gakuen HxH is a more ecchi show than High School DxD. The male character Hida Kizuna has HHG meaning Heart Hybrid Gear ability.

His sister sends him for training, where lots of big-breasted girls have the same ability.

And they all fight alines. His sister comes up with a plan to use him for other girls to replenish their energy. How?

You bet there is some sexuality involved and that makes this story fun and ecchi.

Most scenes are 18+ rating, but DxD provides some loli fan service that is currently missing in HxH.

Lots of women and single male characters make these anime similar to highschool dxd great to watch if you are a harem anime fan.

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Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven is a fantasy magical anime where Arata the hero finds himself restoring his town after the Sun stops working.

He restores his town with a grimoire that was given to him by his childhood friend, Hijiri.

But he does not seem to find her now!

And once he has restored his village, Lilith Asami, a magic user comes to him and give him an option. Give up the grimoire or he dies. But he chooses another option which is to join the magic school Royal Biblia Academy.

6 other magic school students await for him there and with him, they make the trinity Seven.

If you want to watch echhi anime with a magical story, then this is for you!

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

A new entry to the list, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? has been added. This anime is similar in concept to High School DxD and was available on Crunchyroll. It centers around Ayumu using his powers for fighting bad creatures like Megalo while also having to dress up as a magical girl.

Ayumu is a teenager who died and was revived by a necromancer named Eucliwood. He is now a zombie and is immortal.

Ayumu then starts looking for his killer but he meets a girl named Haruna. They also happened to be a magical girl as well.

But Ayumu somehow absorbed her powers, so now Haruan orders him around to kill megalo, monsters who hurt humans.

If you are interested in fantasy stories with ecchi then you will like this anime.

Date A Live

Date a live is a harem anime with a single male character with multiple female characters around him.

Date A Live is a Japanese light novel series written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako.

The story follows an ordinary high school boy who has the power to seal spirits, as he helps save Earth from alien invaders.

Shidou Itsuka then gets hired by her sister Kotori.

They cone up with or Shidou is forced to deal with spirits in a different way so that the spirits do not harm people. He now has to make spirits fall in love with them.

Now you know how ecchi it can get, and soon the male character is surrounded by various good-looking female spirits that he dated or has to charm!

This is definitely a good anime like highschool dxd that you should watch.

Animes like Rent a girlfriend that you should not miss!

More anime shows that are like highschool dxd!?

Anime like highschool dxd on funimation

Here are some more animes like highschool dxd on funimation:

These are 5 best anime similar to highschool dxd on funimation to watch next if you like highschool Dxd and Sekirei.

Anime like highschool dxd on crunchyroll

Anime like highschool dxd on netflix

There are not much anime like this on Netflix. For anime like highschool dxd English dub, you should visit anime planet, Crunchyroll and Funimation first.

  • Kill La Kill
  • Devilman Crybabay


Now you can see the most similar animes to highschool DXD. You may want to look for collectibles related to this anime here. And we are all about waifus so please tell us if there are any lewd anime that we should check out next!

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