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Want some oppai mouse pad to release your stress in mid-work? Here are the premium anime titty mousepads that you can not live without. You can get these oppai mouse pads for your favorite character or you can get accustomed boob mouse pad from us as well!

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Why buy anime boob mouse pads or the Oppai Mouse pads

Our titty mousepads are made with non-smelling durable rubber, high-quality silicone filer and smooth upper material.

We have a wide range of anime tiddies mousepads, but you can get your custom boob mousepads as well.

Features of our Oppai mouse pads!

  • Made with breathable silk fabric to give you a delicate, smooth touch.
  • Our anime tits mousepads have natural rubber, which has no smell and is an environment-friendly material.
  • The rubber underneath the anime titty mousepads is anti-slip. This should hold off well on any work table.
  • The wrist rest or the breasts of this mouse pad are filled with silicone. 
  • Our oppai mouse pads will not lose their shape even after many years.
  • These anime boob mousepads are easy to clean as well.
  • Our boob-shaped wrist rests are ergonomically designed, so you can keep working for long hours easily.


If you have any questions then please contact me and I will reply back quickly!

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