Buy Anime Shower Curtains - Naughty Waifu Shower Curtains

Wondering where to buy anime shower curtains? At Kawaii Waifus get custom made or designed anime shower curtains perfectly suitable for a weeb. These lewd anime shower curtains will make your bathroom steamy!

Top Notch Anime Shower Curtains for Sale

At KawaiiWaifus, we are making high quality anime shower curtains to turn your bathroom into a naughty weeb paradise.

We specialize in drawing waifu designs and converting them into waifu shower curtains. 

All the shower curtain designs are custom drawn by an artist and converted into waifu shower curtains.

For custom shower curtains contact here!

What does our anime shower curtain set contains?

Our anime shower curtain set will contain the shower curtain, securely packed in pvc package. And will come with 12 hooks or rings to hang the shower curtain.

Do shower curtains come with hooks?

Our manga shower curtains comes with 12 hooks. So if you are wondering if shower curtains come with hooks then yes, we do provide them with every shower curtain you purchase.

Quality of our manga shower curtains

Our anime manga shower curtains are made with 100% polyester. Polyester is light, soft and durable and it should not stick to your skin.

Our polyester waifu shower curtains are fashionable, stylish and just beautiful to look at.

These anime shower curtains are one side printed and the largest shower curtain might give you some realistic feel as well.

Sizes of our anime manga shower curtains?

– W90xH180cm
– W120xH180cm
– W150xH180cm
– W165xH180cm
– W180xH180cm
– W200xH180cm
– W220xH180cm
– W240xH180cm
– W180xH200cm
– W180xH220cm
– W180xH240cm

Return Policy And Support

Returns & exchanges Not accepted, But please contact me if you have problems with your order. If product damage, will replace 100%

Product shipping

All the physical products will be delivered within 20-30 business days. Due to unpredictable circumstances, the delivery might take +5 business days. 

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