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Buy Anime waifu figures from us. We are one of the top anime action figure shop who focuses on providing high quality waifu figures at low cost.
All Anime Waifu Figures are made in China.

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Top Reasons to buy anime waifu figures from us

  • Our anime waifu figures have various heights ranging from 20 cm to 46 cm or more.
  • All those anime figures are made with PVC and strong ABS plastic.
  • We sell two variants of each anime figures, with box and without box. The price will vary as per your choice.
  • Your product will ship out in 1-3 days after order.
  • Package will be well packed and will be protected to prevent any damage.
  • Total shipping time might take around 30-45 days at least.
  • You will get end to end tracking details.

Do you provide refunds or returns?

If you do not receive the item even after 45 days we will refund you.

If the item is received in damage state, please send us a video of the same so we can proceed with the refund.

1.The box is folded and shipped, if you have any needs, please contact customer service.

2.It is difficult to avoid damage to the product box during transportation. If the product box is damaged but the internal product is intact, we will not accept refunds initiated due to the damage of the product box. Customers are also requested to know before purchasing.


1. Unless otherwise specified, the products are MADE IN CHINA.

2. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please feel free to contact us.

3. Contains small parts, please place it out of reach of minors. In order to avoid dangerous situations such as accidental ingestion.

4. The pictures used in the product display have been partially beautified, and the actual product may deviate from the picture (the appearance is basically the same).

5.The bases of different batches of the shipped products may be different, and we guarantee to give priority to the version of the base that contains the pictures separately given in the overview.

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