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Getting bore while working on your PC? Here are the most sexy anime mouse pads to brighten up your mood and productivity! Our anime waifu mouse pads can be made custom as well.

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Get the best anime waifu mouse Pads here!

Our large gaming mouse pads contain designs related to anime waifus. These manga mouse pads are bright, colorful and contains your favorite waifus on them.

Features of our Sexy Anime Mouse Pads

  • Our waifu mouse pads come with an overprint.
  • All of our busty anime waifu desk mats are colourful and vibrant.
  • 4 mm thick neoprene material made anime gaming mousepads.
  • Back side has an anti-slip layer so it will not slide, or move while in use.
  • Our anime gaming desk mats have hemmed edges. This durable sewing makes the waifu mousepad durable around the edges. 

Sizes of our waifu mouse pads

– 12” × 18” Inches

– 12” × 22” Inches

– 31.29″ × 15.7″ Inches

Cleaning instructions for your waifu desk mats

Use warm water and dish soap to clean spots off your pad. It’s not necessary to soak the whole pad. For hard-to-clean spots use a soft-bristled brush.

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