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The ultimate collection of waifu anime stickers online. PS:These sexy waifu stickers are only for most lewd weebs.

Ssh! Don’t Tell Anyone About These Rare Anime Waifu Stickers

Everyone has a say when it comes to the debate of who is the best anime waifu. But no matter the choice you will find your anime waifu stickers here!

Our growing collection of waifu material stickers presently has waterproof waifu decals, waifu car stickers and many other lewd waifu stickers of many types. Some of them are zero two waifu sticker, hinata waifu stickers and many more waifu stickers that you can choose from.

We are planning on making more of waifu peeker sticker, more hentai waifu stickers.

If you have a top tier waifus stickers that you want us to made, you can contact us and we can create custom waifu stickers as well.

Do you Make Custom waifu stickers?

Yes, we do make stickers for adults, even real people as well. These sexy stickers are one of the lowest price online and unique.

But first..

Explore Our Lewd Anime Girl Stickers Hand Picked for You!

Anime Waifu Stickers Delivery

Shipping policies are the same for every country, but standard shipping costs will vary country to country.

Additional items require shipping as well.

These anime stickers uncensored are produced in the United States and gets delivered from US.

Shipping method is usually USPS for US addresses.

Shipping service with regular shipping options will take delivery time of 10-12 days including production time in US.

Fastest delivery is also available depending on the delivery location.

We are always happy to make Manga Sticker Anime, Anime Mixed Stickers, naked anime girls or waifu stickers.

Anime Stickers Material

All sexy Waifu Stickers are Vinyl made Waterproof.

Each anime sticker item is also available in multiple sizes and all are in stock.

With this, I would encourage you to get your hentai waifu sticker today and show this hot girl to the world 😈

Top Features of our Anime Waifu Stickers

  • Made with high quality Vinyl material.
  • UV Protected.
  • All waifu vinyl stickers have matte finish.
  • You can use these anime girl stickers both indoors and outdoors.
  • These lewd stickers can be peeled off easily.
  • You can expect them to last for 6 years or more.

Where to Put Anime Stickers?

These are vinyl made durable stickers which are waterproof. So you can use them as waifu decals/car stickers. Paste them on your phone case, on your laptop, window glass and more!

Anime Waifu Sticker Sizes

  • 3×3 Inches
  • 4×4 Inches
  • 5×5 Inches
  • 6×6 Inches

Return Policy And Support

Returns & exchanges Not accepted, But please contact me if you have problems with your order. If product damage, will replace 100%

Product shipping

> All the physical products will be delivered within 10-15 business days. Due to pandemic, the delivery might take +5 business days extra for United States.

For rest of the world, the delivery for physical products might take 10-30 business days. Due to pandemic, the delivery might take +15 business days extra.

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