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The 10 Best Animes Like Maken Ki! That You Need to Watch

Here are the best matching animes like Maken Kii - Some of them are borderline hentai with perverted teenage dream but we know you love them.


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The 10 Best Anime Like Maken-Ki! That You Need to Watch

If you’re a fan of the ecchi action comedy anime Maken Ki, you’re in luck! There are a number of other great anime out there that offer a similar mix of humor, action, and sex appeal. Here are a few of my recommendations:

  • Daimidaler: Prince vs. Penguin Empire
  • Sky Wizards Academy
  • Infinite Stratos

These three anime all feature young male protagonists who find themselves thrust into the world of magical battles and harem hijinks. These anime romance hentai are all full of action, comedy, and fan service, so if you enjoyed Maken Ki, you’re sure to love these shows as well.

An Ultimate Watch List: Top 10 Anime Like Maken-Ki!

Freezing: A Unique Blend of Action and Ecchi

15 Most Ecchi anime like highschool dxd for you - Kawaii Waifus Blog

In the realm of harem and action animes, ‘Freezing’ stands out as an enticing watch, strikingly similar to Maken-Ki! The anime’s potent brew of thrill, provocative fan service, and sensory combat scenes sets it apart. At the heart of the story is Kazuya Aoi, a “Limiter” enrolled in the West Genetics military academy, a training ground for young women known as “Pandoras.” These Pandoras grapple with inhuman beings named Nova Clashes, harnessing their superhuman strengths, granted through a “stigmata” implant in their spines. Despite the ecchi undertones, the plot matures seamlessly, ingraining a worthwhile narrative, making ‘Freezing’ a good harem anime with a solid plot.

Sekirei: The Captivating Story of Superpowered Beauties


Imagine being considered worthless by society, only to become a key player in a high-stakes competition, battling alongside buxom beauties with superhuman abilities. That’s “Sekirei” for you, a thrilling anime series, quite similar to Maken-Ki! You’re introduced to Minato Sahashi, a seemingly average teenager with an extraordinary destiny. When Musubi, a stunning humanoid extraterrestrial falls from the sky into his life, Minato’s fortunes undergo a dramatic shift. Musubi, known as a “Sekirei,” has extraordinary abilities and by kissing Minato, she initiates a bond that pulls him into the deadly Sekirei game of survival. The captivating plot, mixed with an array of supernatural beauties, makes “Sekirei” an irresistible hentai like anime for Maken-Ki! fans.

High School DxD: Beware, It’s Addictive

‘High School DxD’, with its unforgettable mix of high-school romance, action, and supernatural elements, offers a thrilling spectacle for any anime enthusiast.

The colorful and often comedic tale follows protagonist Issei Hyodo, a libidinous high-school student whose simple dream of getting a girlfriend turns into a devilish reality. After a fatal encounter on his first date, Issei is resurrected by Rias Gremory, a charming devil who enlists him as her servant. Soon, the male lead gets entangled in a chain of events involving angels, demons, and exorcists.

The fanservice in Dxd is unparallel, this often makes dxd one of the most watched top anime romance hentai. Stickers and anime action figures of Rias is very popular as well.

The cheeky bends of the plot, the saucy visuals, quintessential fan services, wrapped in a shell of supernatural warfare are iconic components that make it dangerously addictive and highly entertaining, especially for maken-ki! followers.

Accel World: A Fusion of Reality and Virtuality

Accel World

‘Accel World’ diverges into a profoundly intriguing sphere where reality meets virtuality, striking some solid commonalities with Maken-Ki! The plot catapults you into the year 2046, focusing around Haruyuki Arita, a school misfit who usually escapes his somber reality through virtual games.

This ignites the spark that overweight bosy can have a shot at the glory too.

Everything changes when Kuroyukihime, the school’s popular girl, introduces him to Brain Burst, a secret program that significantly accelerates human cognitive processes.

Through the secret training he understood Brain Burst can be used in many other ways.

This passage into an accelerated world changes Haruyuki’s life completely, empowering him to face his fears and be more assertive. The combination of virtual reality, action-packed sequences, and blossoming relationships that persistently surround the main character render ‘Accel World’ a top recommendation for Maken-Ki! enthusiasts.

Infinite Stratos: Mechs and Maidens

Pioneering in its mix of harem and mecha elements, ‘Infinite Stratos’ presents a world that is distinctly reminiscent of Maken-Ki! Here, the balance of power is revolutionized by an exoskeleton system termed ‘Infinite Stratos’ (IS), with the oddity being that only women can operate these suits. The plot takes a swift turn when Ichika Orimura is discovered as the only male capable of piloting an IS, dragging him into the female-dominated sphere of IS Academy.

His forced enrollment at the Academy sets off a series of hilariously chaotic events, with mechs and maidens vying for screen time. If you’re a fan of Maken-Ki’s school setting and fraught battle scenes, ‘Infinite Stratos’ should certainly be on your watchlist.

Sora no Otoshimono: Heavens Lost Property

If comedy, action, and heavenly beings spark your interest, ‘Sora no Otoshimono: Forte’ (Heaven’s Lost Property: Forte) will not disappoint you.

A borderline Japanese hentai manga that will keep you awake all night. It was first released in May 2007 in manga magazine Shonen Ace.

With a unique mix of comedy and ecchi elements, this anime shares many similarities to Maken-Ki! The hilariously fantastical story orbits around Tomoki Sakurai, a boy obsessed with his dreams of seeing angels. What was once a figment of his imagination becomes a reality when an angel named Ikaros falls from the sky and changes his life forever.

And Ikaros, a humanoid declares herself as Tomoki’s servent. Soon more angeloids flock in the life of this lucky teenage boy.

New angeloids, mysterious dreams, and meteor crashes make his life anything but ordinary. The series, well-lauded for its humor, offers comic relief alongside ample action and adventure. For its similarities to Maken-Ki! and its solid 8/10 rating as a comedy, Sora no Otoshimono: Forte is sure to entertain.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Humor, Romance, and Battlefields

‘Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu’, literally translating as ‘Idiots, Tests, and Summoned Beings’, is a comedic school life anime that strikes striking similarities to Maken-Ki!

This short 13 episode anime was aired on March 2011 and made into a video game later.

It revolves around Akihisa Yoshii and his misfit classmates at Fumizuki Academy, which segregates its students prolifically based on test scores. The most fascinating tidbit? Each class can summon beings for battles, combined with a unique system that allows classes to compete for better facilities. As the ‘Baka’ of the title, Akihisa belongs to the bottom-tier class F and spends his days in a comedic battle for supremacy and survival. These humorous circumstances, blended with a dash of romance and battlefield duels, are sure to resonate with fans partial to Maken-Ki’s school life intrigue and comedic flair.

Rosario to Vampire: A Hilarious Romantic Comedy

‘Rosario to Vampire’ is among the quintessential picks for harem and fantasy anime lovers, and no wonder, it shares a striking resemblance with Maken-Ki!

The 13 episode will spark your fantasy of you being a only human male in a school of beautiful vampires.

Centered on Tsukune Aono, an average teenager struggling with his grades, fate takes a turn for the dramatic when he unwittingly finds himself enrolled in Youkai Academy, an eerie institution of learning for monsters.

His life gets further tangled when he is smitten by Moka Akashiya, a gorgeous girl who also happens to be a vampire. As his tumultuous school life ensues amidst bountiful beauties and perilous monsters, the series blossoms into a hilarious romantic comedy.

Ranked #140 in the best anime series of all time and sightings as high as #94 in the best romance anime ever made, ‘Rosario to Vampire’ is a must-watch for any Maken-Ki! fan- or any anime fan, for that matter.

Samurai Bride: A Tale of Love, Loyalty and Warfare

If the blend of samurai warfare and harem antics ricocheting through Maken-Ki! caught your fancy, you’re likely to find ‘Samurai Bride’ (Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls 2nd Season) an intriguing watch! This anime sets the stage in an alternate Japan where samurai warriors are empowered by mysterious energy.

This 12 episode harem anime showcases female samurai warriors with a lineage back to Segoku period and early Edo period.

This second season seamlessly weaves an enthralling tale, where Muneakira Yagyu, a humble high school student from a respected samurai family, faces tumultuous events when a mysterious girl falls from the sky and reveals the power of a master samurai.

Coupled with samurai girls eager for battle and a pinch of ecchi-flavored love, ‘Samurai Bride’ is a splendid mix of camaraderie, loyalty, love, and warfare that is bound to resonate with Maken-Ki! fans.

R-15: Never Underestimate a Creative Mind

‘R-15’ introduces a dash of humor and a hefty dose of ecchi in a setting not unlike Maken-Ki! Centered around Taketo Akutagawa, a genius novelist in a one-of-its-kind school for ‘geniuses’, Inspiration Academy Private High School. Taketo’s writing, though exceptionally good, has an erotic edge unique to his style, a trait not shared by his high-regard-holding peers.

Despite the negative perceptions, Taketo aims for the top, hoping his contributions to the literary world make him the world’s greatest writer. Few anime preoccupy themselves with such a creative, non-battle-oriented protagonist’s struggles, and the rendering of Taketo’s unconventional character arc presents R-15 as an extraordinarily refreshing watch for Maken-Ki! fans.

Demon King Daimao

Of all the anime listed, perhaps none is more reminiscent of Maken-Ki! than ‘Demon King Daimao’. Akuto Sai, an innocent young man, enrolls at the Constant Academy for Magick Arts, with the noble intention of becoming a high priest.

Yet, a prophetic declaration brands him as the future Demon King, thrusting him into a life of chaos and unwanted attention. Monsters, bullies, and bizarrely persistent classmates, including a cute android monitoring him round the clock, keep his life at a feverish pitch. With a plethora of irresistible characters surrounding Akuto, like the naked and invisible Kenna Soga or the popular yet dangerous Junko Hattori, you’re in for a feast of magical high school life, a plot that feels all too familiar for Maken-Ki! enthusiasts.

It is ranked 96 out of 205 on the Best Anime on Crunchyroll list, making it a worthy addition to watch next.


I am thrilled to share that the article provides an extensive list of anime recommendations specifically curated for fans of Maken-Ki!.

If you’re like the pervert me and constantly on the lookout for more erotica anime to dive into, I highly recommend checking out this article. It presents a fantastic array of options that will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for action, comedy, and fan service.

So go ahead and immerse yourself in the exciting world of anime, as this article is a treasure trove of captivating shows that will surely leave you entertained and wanting more.

If you have more harem genre anime recommendations then please tell me in the comments.

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