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Azur Lane’s Best Waifu List: Top 10 Azur Lane waifus for you!

Looking for the best waifus on Azur Lane? This guide features top azur lane's best waifu, each with their own unique and beautiful traits.


Azur Lane’s Best Waifu List!

Yo yo yo! What’s up, my fellow otakus?!

Today I wanna talk about something that’s gonna get all you pervs drooling – the best waifus of Azur Lane!

Now, if you don’t know what Azur Lane is, then you’re missing out on some hot, steamy action. This waifu game is all about warships, battles, and of course, some serious eye candy in the form of gorgeous, curvy waifus.

But let’s cut to the chase, my dudes. We all know the real reason why we’re here – to find out who’s the hottest of them all.

And trust me, this wasn’t an easy task. I had to go through countless episodes, do some serious research, and oh boy, it was totally worth it.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the top 10 best waifus of Azur Lane. Get ready to have your mind blown, and your pants… well, you know the rest.

What is Azur Lane?

Azur Lane is an incredibly popular game amongst fans due to its unique and entertaining waifu-focused approach to world war 2 Gacha games.

At its core, the game is incredibly straightforward and simple to understand, allowing players to quickly learn the basics and jump right into the action.

Players control up to seven ships and deploy them in a 3-1-3 formation, with their main waifu in the backline, a flagship waifu in the middle, and three vanguard ships in the front.

This allows players to strategize and pick the right ships to overpower their opponents.

The game features up to 400 obtainable ships of distinct types from Battleships to Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, and Submarines, giving players a wide variety of powerful and visually appealing waifus to choose from.

Some of the most popular Azur Lane ships include Nagato, the Battleship, Z23 the Destroyer, and Shinano, the Heavy Aircraft Carrier.

Formidable, Essex, and U-101 have also been known as iconic waifus in the past, while the worst ships are Anniversary Kizuna Al, U-556, Tartu, and Isuzu.

Ultimately, Azur Lane is popular amongst fans due to its simple yet fun gameplay, its wide selection of waifus, and its minimal grinding. With the help of our Azur Lane Tier List, players can easily pick the best ships to take them to victory.

The Top 10 Azur Lane Ship Waifu – Handpicked Azur Lane Best Waifu tier

Ship NameFactionClassRarity
AkagiSakura EmpireAircraft CarrierSuper Rare
BelfastRoyal NavyLight CruiserSuper Rare
AtagoSakura EmpireHeavy CruiserElite
KagaSakura EmpireAircraft CarrierElite
IllustriousRoyal NavyAircraft CarrierElite
Prince of WalesRoyal NavyBattleshipElite
Z23Iron BloodDestroyerCommon
HornetEagle UnionAircraft CarrierRare
TakaoSakura EmpireHeavy CruiserSuper Rare
BismarckIron BloodBattleshipElite

Akagi – Our best azur lane charecter

Akagi is a popular waifu in Azur Lane due to her strong personality and combination of endearing physical features.

Her design and mannerisms reflect her determined and passionate nature, while her fox ears and tails give her a unique and charming look.

Her intelligence, observation skills, and ability to come up with devious plans are also admirable qualities that make her attractive to many players.

Her backstory of a brave and noble woman who faced her fate with courage, as well as her caring attitude towards the crew of the Sakura Empire, make her a beloved waifu among Azur Lane fans.

Belfast – Your best destroyer waifu from azur lane

Belfast is the head maid of Azur Lane, a mobile game filled with historical naval ships from different countries.

She is a tall, slender girl with white waist-length hair, purple eyes and a blue sleeveless maid dress with frilly shoulders and bottoms, a white crop top, a blue buttoned waist-corset, white frilled arm gloves, a metal gauntlet, white stockings, black ribboned pumps, and a maid headdress on top of her head.

Belfast is a Town-class cruiser, one of three sub-classes; the Southampton, Gloucester, and Edinburgh. She is best known for her involvement in the Battle of North Cape, where she led the HMS Duke of York and her escorts to the KMS Scharnhorst.

She also was a very skilled tactician and able to expertly maneuver her squadron through difficult battles.

Belfast is a highly popular waifu among Azur Lane players. She is well-respected for her skills on the battlefield, as well as her warm and caring personality.

She is often seen as a source of comfort and support for her fellow fleet mates, and her loyalty is unquestioned.

Other popular Azur Lane waifus include Enterprise, Graf Spee, Kaga, and Atago.

Atago – Azur lane Cruiser

Atago is a popular waifu in Azur Lane due to her attractive physical features and her mature personality.

Her black waist-length black hair, brown eyes, white military uniform, and white gloves give her an air of refinement and elegance.

Her mature, caring attitude towards her sisters and the Commander, as well as her attempt to act as an Onee-san to them, shows her kind and supportive nature.

Despite her fear of ghosts, she still shows great courage when facing them and is willing to put herself in harm’s way to protect her sisters and the Commander.

All these qualities make Atago an ideal waifu in Azur Lane, and make her an attractive character for players.

Kaga – the aircraft carrier azur lane waifu

Kagami is a popular waifu in Azur Lane because of her unique and attractive design.

Her white hair and fox ears, combined with her Miko’s Kimono and her flight deck, gives her a unique and attractive look that sets her apart from other characters in the game. Her six tail fox tails, blue eyes and red eyeshadows further add to her appeal.

Furthermore, her miko attire, in combination with her sash and flower symbol, gives her a more traditional and elegant look.

All these features make Kagami one of the most beloved waifus in Azur Lane.

Besides, her strong connection to the real-life Kaga, a Japanese aircraft carrier sunk during the Battle of Midway, makes her a particularly interesting figure in the game.

Illustrious – Aircraft carrier waifu

Illustrious is a popular waifu in Azur Lane due to her attractive appearance and her strong sense of justice.

Her long white hair and blue eyes make her stand out from the other characters, and her stylish and elegant outfit adds to her alluring appeal.

Further, Illustrious is a strong and loyal character who is always ready to fight for justice.

Her courage and determination to protect her allies and fight against injustice make her an admirable and inspiring waifu.

Prince of Wales – top on the azur lane battleship tier list

Prince of Wales is a popular waifu in Azur Lane due to her attractive appearance, her regal and militaristic demeanor, her kind and caring personality and her hidden perverted side. Her attractive appearance is due to her tall, slender frame, her short blonde hair tied in a french braid by a blue ribbon and her red eyes.

She wears a regal red cape with a red military uniform and black pleated skirt, accessorized with white thigh-high boots, white gloves and an aiguillette. This gives her an air of authority and respectability.

Prince of Wales is also noted as being rather unexpressive and acts like a lady and an officer. While she may be serious and uptight at times, she also shows kindness and care for her friends, especially when it comes to Prinz Eugen.

In addition, she has a hidden perverted side which she displays in her summer skin and which often leads to amusing situations. This hidden side of her makes her even more endearing to her admirers.

All in all, Prince of Wales is the perfect waifu for many Azur Lane players, offering a combination of beauty, authority, kindness and a bit of naughty humour.

Z23 – one of the best azur lane destroyers

Z23 makes a great waifu in Azur Lane due to her cool and mature demeanor. Not only is she the responsible one to the other three starters, but she also tries her best to act as a cool big sis and teacher to everyone else.

Her sharp blue eyes and short platinum blonde hair with a black, red & yellow ribbon with an iron cross motif give her a unique and stylish look.

Plus, her outfit consisting of a white double-breasted dress top with silver buttons and trimmings, a black turtlenecked top with a dark-blue, yellow trimmed tailcoat, a black bike shorts, maroon ankle sock with garters, a red, iron cross motifed frilled cuffs, red pumps, a blue beret with a ribbon lace, black detached sleeves, white gloves and a red & blue arm band on her left shoulder make her even more lovable.

All these traits combined make Z23 an excellent waifu in Azur Lane.

Hornet – The blonde on the azur lane carrier tier list

Hornet azur lane

Hornet is a popular waifu in Azur Lane due to her confident and outgoing attitude, her eclectic style, and her general willingness to take part in any activity.

Her confidence and outgoing nature make her an attractive character to both male and female players, as she is unafraid to put herself out there and take risks.

Her eclectic style of dress, featuring a black bulky collared cape, black bikini top, black denim shorts, with yellow linings, white thigh-high socks and black thigh-highs, silver metal-boots with red bottoms, and her signature black cowboy hat with yellow bands, is both unique and eye-catching.

Moreover, she is always ready for action and adventure, making her an ideal choice for players who are looking for a waifu that is willing to take part in any activity or challenge.

Takao – one of the heaviest among the azur lane cruisers

Takao is a total badass, always serious, strict, and straightforward. But here’s the catch, she’s also got this shy and heartwarming side that will make you want to protect her with all your might. It’s like having a tough cookie with a soft center, and that’s a deadly combination, my friend.

Now, let’s talk about her looks, because trust me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. Takao rocks a white Admiral suit that hugs her curves in all the right places. And to add a touch of playfulness, she wears a short skirt that will leave your imagination running wild. Can you say “dangerously sexy”?

Takao means business, and she’s armed to the teeth. In her left hand, she wields a deadly katana, ready to slice through any obstacles in her path. And by her sides, she’s got an arsenal of artillery and torpedoes. With that firepower, she can take down any enemy in style.

She takes everything she does seriously. Whether it’s fighting, volleyball, building sand-castles, or even calligraphy, she gives it her all. And get this, she’s even taken countless bridal training sessions because she’s determined to be the best wife she can be. Talk about dedication!

Bismarck – Red and Black Battleship waifu of azur lane

South Dakota’s waifu in Azur Lane is Bismarck, a tall, blonde-haired woman with a slender frame and large bust.

She wears a black and red cape with white-furred bottoms over a black high-collared uniform with red linings, golden accents and buttons, and white cuffs.

She also wears a black pencil skirt with red and yellow linings, black knee-high boots with white-furred cuffs and red bottoms, white gloves and a black peaked cap with white and red designs.

Bismarck is a determined and serious individual, and her distant attitude may cause her to appear cold to her allies.

However, she cares deeply for them and wants them to succeed. She believes that only power can save humanity and has chosen to side with the Sirens and betray Azur Lane.

Despite this, she still expresses a hint of hesitation, uncertainty, and remorse when it comes to her decisions.

Found your Azur Lane waifu?

Taihou Boob mouse pad with 3d nipples

When it comes to waifus, Azur Lane has got us covered with a buffet of delightful characters that will make your heart skip a beat and your imagination run wild.

Azur Lane has an abundance of stunning ladies with their own unique charms, each capable of making you weak in the knees.

From the flirtatious temptress that is Atago to the mischievous cutie that is Akagi, there’s no shortage of bewitching beauties to choose from.

But in the end, it’s all about personal preference, isn’t it? That’s the beauty of the waifu game – it’s all about finding that special connection, that spark that ignites a flame within your very being.

So, whether you’re captivated by Enterprise’s commanding presence or find yourself falling head over heels for another Azur Lane maiden, embrace the journey.

Dive into the world of Azur Lane, get to know these enchanting characters, and let your heart guide you to the best waifu for you.

May your search for the ultimate waifu be filled with excitement, adventure, and, of course, a healthy dose of naughtiness!

Until next time, keep exploring and keep loving those anime babes! Cheers!

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