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The [Top] 8 Best Aot Waifus: Ranked by Fans and Supporters

Are you looking for the best aot waifus? Here are the attach on titan waifus from the anime - and Mikasa Ackerman is the no 1


8 Best Aot Waifus: Attack on titan waifus ranked by us

AOT waifus are beautiful and are real monsters when the time needs.

Here are the 8 AOT waifus who are beautiful and hot. And some of them are Titans, some of them are half Ackerman and some are from the military or all of them.

You should watch your step while approaching them – one wrong move and they will gulp you like an evening snack.

8 Attack on Titan Waifus List

  1. Mikasa Ackerman Waifu
  2. Annie
  3. Historia Reiss
  4. Sasha Braus
  5. Hange Zoe
  6. Pieck Finger
  7. Hitch
  8. Petra Ral

1. Mikasa Ackerman Waifu!

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the best waifus in Aot for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, Mikasa is a force to be reckoned with – she is incredibly buff and has a strong will that rivals that of the Titans themselves.

She is definitely stronger than you. You, a mere human.

Any wrong move and she will twist you like a twig.

However, this makes her an incredibly strong and powerful character, which is something that many waifus lack.

Still, do you want your waifu to have abs and muscles denser than you?

Mikasa has a dark and mysterious backstory that has shaped her into the character she is today.

She has witnessed the powerful devouring the weak and meek and this has given her an understanding of the severity of life, allowing her to become an even more badass character.

Mikasa is fiercely protective and unwaveringly loyal to her friends, making her the perfect waifu for those looking for someone who will always have their back.

Mikasa will beat up your enemies!

2. Annie

Annie Leonhart is an unapologetically badass character who is an extremely skilled fighter and always keeps a cool head.

She is the holder of the female titan and Armin has a thing for her.

Now back to her qualities!

Not only is she intelligent and capable of playing people like a fiddle, but she is also a long way off of having a melodramatic monologue.

She is Ice Queen who wears the pants in every relationship and has forgotten her moral compass a long time ago.

With her unique fighting style, Annie is able to take down her adversaries with ease, and her past experiences have led her to have a rough and cold personality.

I wanted to see her against Mikasa – but that did not happen properly :/

Despite her being responsible for the death of Marco, we can still understand her situation in the flashbacks of her childhood.

In a nutshell, Annie is an amazing waifu for those who want a crazy fighter

3. Historia Reiss

What makes Historia Reiss one of the best Attack on Titan waifus is her extraordinary combination of beauty, intelligence, and strength.

People regard her as the true ruler of the walls as well. She is the queen of the walls.

Despite the hardship she experienced in her upbringing, Historia never allowed it to break her spirit.

Her loving bond with Ymir is a testament to the strength of her character, and her willingness to sacrifice anything to save what she loves proves her devotion and courage.

Furthermore, her royal heritage adds to her intrigue and mystery, making her a fan-favorite waifu material.

Finally, the fact that she was capable of taking down a powerful titan with one single blow cements her status as the ruler.

It shows the common people, the queen is ready to do whatever is necessary for them.

If you want a queen to be your waifu – you have to badass for yourself as well.

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4. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus is one of the best Attack on Titan (Aot) waifus due to her unwavering optimism in the face of despair, her willingness to break the law for her friends, and her bravery in putting her own safety at risk for them.

Her enthusiasm and gluttony add a much-needed level of humanity to the otherwise bleak reality of being a Scout.

She loved potatoes to the death!

Despite being introduced as a comedic character, Sasha quickly becomes a fan favorite due to her lovable nature and self-sacrificing qualities.

She is an inspiring example of courage and positivity, making her an likable waifu for many.

Her death was shocking and it was hard for many of us.

5. Hange Zoe


Hange Zoe is one of the best Attack on Titan waifus not only because of their genius-level intelligence and leadership skills, but also due to their complex and multifaceted personality.

On the one hand, they are an energetic, freethinking researcher with an observant and objective character.

If you are into intellect, then you would love her.

Hange has the look of an imperfectly perfect individual, from their wide, light brown eyes and shoulder-length dark brown hair to their unkempt high ponytail with bangs parted down the middle.

All of these traits combined make Hange Zoe one of the top waifus.

6. Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger is one of the best AOT waifus for a variety of reasons.

Her melodious voice and beautiful eyes make her quite alluring and irresistible.

Additionally, she is highly intelligent and able to make efficient decisions in a split second.

Her loyalty to Marley make her an invaluable asset.

She is Cart Titan and often seen moving around on her four limbs while in human self as well.


Furthermore, she has a chill demeanor, and her ability to pick up on things that others miss gives her an air of confidence that is adored by her squadmates.

Her habit of walking on all fours is an endearing quirk that adds a touch of uniqueness to her character. These qualities make Pieck Finger one of the best AOT waifus.

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7. Hitch

Hitch is the tsundere without the physical abuse, often resorting to insults when uncomfortable, but is anything but cruel.

Her emotional distance and genuine spirit make her a desirable character to many fans. Despite her minimal screen time, Hitch is a well-developed character.

She is brave and courageous while also being kind and compassionate. Her decision to join the Police Brigade rather than the Training Corps shows that she takes initiative and is independent.

Furthermore, her laziness and sarcasm make her an easy character to relate to. All these aspects make Hitch an ideal Aot waifu for fans who love strong and multifaceted characters.

Tsundere waifu lovers – she is all yours.

10. Petra Ral

Petra Ral was personally chosen by Levi, the most badass character in the story.

This automatically makes her special and endears her to the audience.

She is a gentle but resilient character who offers support and encouragement to her teammates whenever necessary.

Her kindness and compassion shine through in the series, helping to counterbalance Levi’s rigidity.

Petra is a valuable utility character on team-based expeditions, and she helps to integrate Eren perfectly into their squad.

All of these qualities make her one of the best Attack on Titan waifus. If you want one of the cutest girl from the AOT series to be your waifu – she is just that.

Found your AOT waifu yet?

Did we miss anyone?

If you think Yes, then tell me in the comments and I will add your waifu to the list.

And I know AOT waifus do not show their skin much so if you have some lewd ideas then just message us and we will help you get an art commission done.

You can even get that art piece on stickers, posters, body pillows etc!

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