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Best Date a Live Waifu List: Who is Your Favorite Female Character in the Anime?

Looking for a date? This guide will help you choose the perfect date for a live waifu for your needs!


Every otaku loves harem anime.

Everyone wants to be the hero I guess! :p

Date a Live is one such anime with hot waifu characters and a quite nice storyline and visuals.

PS: The waifus in Date a Live are spirits and you have to keep them in your harem to make the world a safer place.

Actually, it was Shidou’s sister’s idea to make the spirit fall in love with her brother to keep the world peaceful.

What more an Otaku wants from her sister – right?

Are waifus for losers?

Best Waifus from Date a Live Anime for Otakus!

Tohka Yatogami

Tohka Yatogami is a Pure Spirit, capable of resurrecting herself if her Sephira Crystal is intact.



Her three sizes are B84/W58/H83 and she is the most desirable waifu from Date a Live.

She is incredibly powerful and uses a sword as her primary weapon, as well as is able to put up a powerful barrier around herself and utilize energy blasts with her hands or fingertips.

So impress her so she lets you into her barrier.

Initially, Tohka was emotionless and saw humans as a threat, but after she was sealed by Shido, she became bubbly and trusting.

She is also kind and caring, often putting others before herself. In addition, she is brave and determined, never giving up even when faced with the toughest of challenges.

Kotori Itsuka

Kotori Itsuka is a very dateable character in Date a Live for a variety of reasons.

She is also the foster sister of Shido, she is the one who set him up for the harem.

You might want to get in touch with her for your next big achievement!

She has a strong sense of loyalty and duty, making her a very reliable companion though.

She has an attractive middle schooler appearance with her cute red eyes and long light coral-colored hair tied in a twin-tail hairstyle, as well as a lollipop stick always hanging from her mouth.Kotori Itsuka

Her three sizes are B72/W53/H74 and her outfits are fashionable and attractive, ranging from her school’s signature white uniform to maid-like sleeve clothes.

She has a bubbly and outgoing personality and can switch between three different personalities depending on the situation at hand.

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When wearing white ribbons, she is gentle and fragile and loves to be taken care of, while wearing black ribbons she is more domineering and a take-charge leader.

Besides, she has an Astral Dress (Elohim Gibor ) that is a beautiful white kimono, a revealing neckline, a translucent sash, and her black ribbons tied around a pair of oni-like horns.

All these features make Kotori a desirable character in Date a Live, and sure to be a hit with potential dates.


Yoshino is young with blue eyes and long, curly blue hair.

Her Astral Dress with its poofy tail, and pink ribbon makes her look even cuter.

Even with her small body frame, she seems to be quite petite and attractive.

Yoshino has the look of a young girl with endearing features, which would make her a very appealing date for many.

If you want a kind and shy spirit to be your waifu, then Yoshino is your girl.

Kaguya Yamai

Kaguya Yamai is the 8th spirit and her nickname is Berserk.

So you can guess what she can do!

She has an outgoing and candid personality, as well as a slightly immature attitude, which can sometimes lead to her being teased.

Kaguya Yamai

She stands at 157 cm and her three sizes are B79/W56/H81.

Kaguya’s Astral Dress is mainly the color purple with chains on her right hand and foot.

When it comes to casual attire, she is a fan of gothic lolita outfits and prefers black clothes.

She also began wearing the Raizen High School uniform during her first date with Shido.

Kaguya’s fashion sense has become more mature over time, but she still has a fondness for black clothing.

Many otakus love the color black, I am sure they will gel with Kaguya pretty quickly. Just be on your toes about her tantrums.

But you can tease and have fun though.

Yuzuru Yamai

Yuzuru Yamai is a great option for a date for many reasons!

Her model-like body and mercury blue eyes make her appear attractive and mysterious, and her braided hair gives her a distinctive look that sets her apart from her twin sister, Kaguya.

Yuzuru Yamai

She also has a poker face, helping to keep people guessing as to what she’s thinking.

She can be hard to read and hard to please 🙂

She often speaks in third person and also speaks in a robotic manner, which can be confusing.

She loves to tease her sister but is also fiercely loyal and devoted to her.

Her competitive nature, combined with her mature fashion sense, make her an exciting person to be around and a great date option.

She is a great mix of beauty and brains, making her a great companion for any occasion.

Hmm, maybe you can date both of the twin sisters, right?

Reine Murasame


Reine Murasame is highly desirable.

Reine Murasame

She keeps a teddy bear in her left breast pocket. You want to replace that teddy. I know, right?

Despite her cold demeanor, Reine is a highly logical, reasonable, and mature woman who has shown great emotional sensitivity, understanding, and consideration.

Her physical features and fashion sense also add to her allure, and her quick wit allows her to adapt to a variety of situations.

Her height is 164 cm, and her three sizes are B95/W63/H89. She looks to be in her 20s as well.

All of these qualities make her a desirable romantic partner, and Shido seems to find her attractive as well.

Kurumi Tokisaka

I refuse to give up. Not until I have his power.

The characteristics that make Kurumi Tokisaka dateable in Date a Live are her beauty, her elegance, her strength, and power.

She is a mysterious and difficult-to-read character. She often uses her acting skills when she needs them.

Kurumi Tokisaka

She will seem to be polite, elegant, and dignified but all is a lie.

She hates humans and some even consider her a mad person.

But yet she loves small animals and does not kill without a reason.

Additionally, Kurumi possesses a unique power related to time and is capable of transporting herself or anyone else into the future or the past.

[Bes game waifu: Chunli]

She also has an Astral Dress made of crimson and black frills, giving her the appearance of an elegant Gothic Lolita with uneven twin tails that emulate the minute and hour hands of a clock.

Despite her destructive tendencies and her disregard for human life, she is ultimately a strong and be determined an individual who is dedicated to protecting the people she loves.

Ps: She can also make clones of herself, and combine that with her ability to control time – you can guess where I am getting, right you, naughty fella.!

Mikie Okamine

Mikie Okamine is a great candidate for a romantic partner in Date A Live because of her charming personality and her unwavering determination.

I don’t care if I’m the weaker Wizard from AST or if I am called trash or weak. Since I have the necessary strength to save and help my friends, I will be happy.

Mikie Okamine

Her naive, clumsy, and excitable nature makes her a cute and endearing character.

She has great admiration for Origami and values friendship above all else.

This demonstrates her selfless desire to be a hero and her altruistic nature towards humans.

Despite her view that Spirits are monsters, Mikie is still willing to protect them in order to protect the peace and happiness of humanity.

Her determination to do the right thing and her commitment to always help those in need makes her a great person to date.

All in all, Mikie Okamine is a great dateable character in Date A Live because of her charming and altruistic personality, her dedication to protecting both humanity and Spirits, as well as her commitment to doing the right thing.

Rio Sonogami

Rio Sonogami

Rio Sonogami is a Spirit who lives with Shido Itsuka after she restarted Eden in order to help him find happiness.

Rio has a very childlike and kind personality, and she is not in any kind of romantic relationship with Shido at this time.

It is unclear if Rio has any romantic feelings for Shido or if she considers him to be a parental figure instead.

Mio Takamiya

Mio Takamiya has an alluring appearance, with long hair, a transparent color dress, and flower ornaments around her bosom and in her hair.

Mio TakamiyaMio also has an impressive intellect, being able to gain self-awareness and gain knowledge quickly.

She is the first spirit and is the most powerful of them all. She is also known as the Spirit of the Origin.

Her teddy bear, which she wears on her torso, also adds to her charming personality.

In addition, her Astral Dress exudes a radiance similar to the Northern Lights which makes her stand out in a crowd.

Above all, Mio is a very loving person.

Despite her ruthless personality, she is deeply devoted to the ones she loves and will do anything to protect them.

It is good to have a powerful waifu 🙂


Origami Tobiichi

origami tobiichi date a live

Origami is not in any kind of relationship and is not known to have any interest in dating, likely due to her unsocial nature and her devotion to the AST.

She is often seen interacting with Shido, since she is in his class.

However, their relationship is strictly platonic and is based on mutual trust and understanding.

anime date a live origami tobiichi hd wallpaper preview

She looks young and very attractive and her sizes are B75/W55/H79.

Despite her lack of romantic relationships, Origami has been known to display extreme lust towards Shido, even in public scenarios, indicating some kind of attraction but this is never explored further.

She can be your waifu from the Date a live.

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