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21 Best Kuudere Waifu: The Quitest Girls in Anime

Looking for the best Kuudere Waifu in anime? This guide has a list of the 21 craziest girls with Kuudere personalities and character designs. From dark and brooding to sweet and innocent, you're sure to find your favorite on this list.


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The 21 Best Kuudere Waifu: Characters With the Quietest Personality

What does kuudere mean?

By definition, kuudere is a portmanteau of “kuuru,” a katakanization of the English word “cool,” and “deredere,” meaning loving. These kuudere are often characters that are confident without being cocky and always in control of their emotions.

They may seem emotionless on the outside, but on the inside, they possess a hidden warmth and vulnerability that is incredibly attractive.

This archetype is attractive because it allows the characters to evolve and grow in ways that are unique to them. They may appear cold and distant, but that is just their outer layer. As they grow closer to the people they love, they start to show more emotion, slowly peeling away that emotional armor to reveal their true selves.

The strength and confidence of a kuudere character is also a huge draw for weebs.

These characters are often highly intelligent and can handle any situation with ease, which makes them seem almost invulnerable. They also have a tendency to be fiercely loyal, making them a great companion for any lover.

Overall, kuudere characters are a popular choice for anime waifu because of their strength, intelligence, and hidden depths. They are attractive because of their cool exterior and warm interior, making them both a reliable and desirable partner.

The 21 best kuudere waifu anime characters

  1. Makima
  2. Mikasa
  3. Rui Tachibana (Domestic Girlfriend)
  4. Fuyutsuki
  5. Ai Enma from Hell Girl
  6. Akira Tachibana
  7. Violet Evergarden
  8. Hitagi Senjougahara
  9. Nemu Kurotsuchi
  10. Sakurajima Mai (Bunny Girl Senpai)
  11. Makise Kurisu (Steins Gate)
  12. Takina Inoue (Lycoris Recoil)
  13. Rem (Re: Zero)
  14. Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown
  15. Kuroyukihime from Accel World
  16. Ram (Re: Zero)
  17. Akame (Akame Ga Kill)
  18. Kikyo (InuYasha)
  19. Chizuru Hishiro from ReLife
  20. Komi Shouko (Komi Can’t Communicate)
  21. Saber (Fate)


Makima from chainsaw man waifu

Makima is one of the most iconic kuudere waifu anime characters due to her cool, polite exterior, her mysteriousness and her magnetic attractiveness.

She is a new waifu in this world but she is taking us all for a ride!

Makima can control absolutely anyone – you can not even breathe without her permission.

She has the perfect combination of aloofness, beauty, and strength that make her a beloved character in the anime Chainsaw Man. Her role as a kuudere is highlighted by her restrained and calculated facade, which is ultimately used to protect her inner self and emotions.

Moreover, her back story and her personality traits are appealing to viewers, as they make her seem more real and thus more likable to fans. Makima’s age and maturity also make her more relatable, as she is seen as a mature and wise woman, despite her young age.

The potential development of her character over the course of the series makes her even more fascinating, as there is much left to be discovered about the true nature of Makima. All of these aspects make her an appealing and unforgettable kuudere waifu anime character.



Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most iconic kuudere anime characters, and her popularity makes her one of the best waifus. Kuudere characters are usually depicted as being cool and composed, and Mikasa fits the bill perfectly.

By nature, she is stoic and doesn’t show much emotion. She’s also highly motivated and determined to do whatever is necessary to protect those she cherishes. Her loyalty towards Eren is particularly noteworthy, as she is willing to put her life on the line to defend him no matter the cost.

This is what truly sets her apart from other kuudere characters, as she has a deep attachment to one person that she loves.

She is an Ackerman, by nature she incredibly skilled in battle, making her a powerful warrior and an invaluable asset in the fight against the Titans. In short, Mikasa is one of the most beloved kuudere characters that fans love to root for.

Rui Tachibana (Domestic Girlfriend)

Rui Tachibana Pout

Rui Tachibana is the main character from the anime Domestic Girlfriend. She is a reserved teenager who rarely speaks or interacts with others, but her actions are enough to show how she really feels.

Rui’s aloof and blunt personality makes it difficult for people to predict her emotions, which makes her a popular kuudere waifu.

As a kuudere, she is able to express her feelings without using words, opting instead for clever and sometimes amusing actions. Despite coming off as a bit unapproachable, Rui has a soft side; she cares deeply for her loved ones and can be quite loveable when she wants to be.

This combination of her reserved and caring nature make her a unique character and a perfect waifu for those who appreciate her kuudere qualities.



Fuyutsuki is a classic example of a kuudere waifu anime character.

Her aloof and detached persona is what makes her stand out and perfectly encapsulates the kuudere archetype.

She seems to be unimpressed by and disinterested in the world around her, but she has a warm heart that only Himuro, her high school classmate and new friend, can see.

She is a master at keeping a neutral expression all day long.

She has a slim body type, she has semi-curly brown hair and brown eyes.

Fuyutsuki’s enigmatic nature adds to her charm and makes her an intriguing and mysterious character. Even when other girls come around, she maintains her cool and collected persona, showing that she is stronger and more mature than most people think. Fuyutsuki’s kuudere traits are ultimately what make her a beloved waifu anime character.

Ai Enma from Hell Girl

Ai Enma Hell Girl

Ai Enma from Hell Girl is a classic kuudere waifu due to her calm and collected nature despite carrying out a task of sending people to hell.

Her deep red eyes have always intrigued me.

Her hime cut hairstyle, pale skin, thing frame has an aura of mystery around her.

Off course that would be, she is the one who takes your hand to lead you to hell.

She only talks when it is needed, and never shows her emotions.

But she wasn’t like this you know…

Akira Tachibana

Akira Tachibana

Akira Tachibana is a perfect example of a kuudere waifu from the anime ‘After the Rain’.

She is a high schooler who has a one-sided crush on her middle-aged manager, Mr. Kondou, but she respects their boundaries and remains silent and earnest in her pursuit of him.

Her quiet and reserved nature makes her mysterious and attractive, while her ability to appreciate literature and compare a library to an aquarium of books, paints her as a sophisticated and cultured woman.

Despite her quiet disposition, she is capable of taking action and rescuing Mr. Kondou from precarious situations without him even knowing.

She has a somewhat very strong position on what is wrong and right thus sometimes she can be very blunt. And she can quickly get fierce about protecting her values.

So you should watch out but if she loves you, she will love you with everything she has.

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is a former soldier who is very beautiful and hides her true feelings. That is what I would say, war does to you. Will you not agree?

With her doll-like features, fair complexion, and slender frame, she’s a sight to behold. Her golden locks cascade down to her waist, framing her delicate face.

Sometimes she lets her hair loose, giving her an attractive look. But when she ties it up into two braided buns with red ribbons, she becomes even more irresistible.

When she’s not working, Violet dons a white blouse that perfectly accentuates her figure.

Combined with a green skirt and those heeled brown boots, she exudes elegance and grace. And when she’s on duty as an Auto Memories Doll, she wears a white ribbon-tie dress with a Prussian blue jacket.

She looks like Saber from the Fate series to me.

The dress is complemented by a pleated silk skirt and an emerald brooch, a special gift from Gilbert.

Completing her ensemble are those stylish brown gloves and long leather boots. She carries a brown bag-case and a blue parasol on her longer trips, adding a touch of sophistication to her already captivating presence.

But it’s not just her looks that make Violet a potential waifu. Her journey as an Auto Memories Doll, seeking to understand the meaning of love, is both emotionally captivating and relatable.

You see, she’s been treated as nothing more than a weapon during the war, which has left her with a guarded heart. But deep down, she yearns for connection and affection. Watching her grow and learn about emotions, often through the letters she writes for others, is a heartwarming experience.

Violet’s character is a perfect blend of strength and vulnerability. She’s a survivor, having faced the horrors of war and emerging with her spirit intact. Yet, she struggles to express her own emotions, making her all the more fascinating. Her journey to discover the meaning of “I love you” is a testament to her determination and resilience.

Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara is a school girl with an incurable disease. She is the protagonist of the Monogatari series and let me tell you, she’s one kuudere waifu who will captivate your heart and tease your senses. Trust me, she’s the real deal!

Hitagi Senjougahara

With her long, luscious purple hair (dark brown in the light novels) and those piercing blue eyes, she’s a visual delight. But what truly sets her apart is her glamorous figure.

You just can’t help but be drawn to her.

She rocks the Naoetsu Private High School uniform like no other. But she adds her own touch of sexiness by pairing it with black thigh-highs. Oh, the sight of those stockings hugging her shapely legs is enough to make anyone weak in the knees.

And when she’s feeling a bit more adventurous, you’ll catch her wearing dresses or similar clothing that cover up to her knees. She knows how to leave just enough to the imagination, driving you wild with desire.

Hitagi possesses a sharp tongue and a blunt demeanor that can be downright intimidating. It’s like she’s mastered the art of being sassy and mysterious at the same time. Interacting with her is a challenge, and Araragi, the lucky guy, got to experience it firsthand. But hey, who can resist the allure of a strong-willed woman who knows how to keep you on your toes?

Behind that tough exterior lies a vulnerability that adds depth to her character. She may have an incurable disease, but she doesn’t let it define her. Instead, she faces life head-on with a fierce determination. It’s like she’s a beautiful rose with thorns, a delicate yet strong soul wrapped in an enigmatic package.

Nemu Kurotsuchi

Nemu Kurotsuchi

Nemu Kurotsuchi is a classic kuudere waifu anime character due to her calm and polite demeanor in most situations. Despite being mistreated by her “father” Captain Kurotsuchi during their battle with Uryu Ishida, Nemu warmly accepted him as a friend after he defended her.

This shows her capacity for kindness and loyalty even in difficult situations, which is one of the defining characteristics of a kuudere. In addition, Nemu is also a napping character, often seen catching snoozes and appearing bored or uninterested in most situations.

This lazy and nonchalant attitude is another defining trait of a classic kuudere. Finally, despite her emotionless exterior, it’s clear that Nemu has a fondness for Uryu as a friend, making her a kuudere who can show her true feelings when necessary.

Now Nemu is most probably made so you can change her body type I assume.

What do you do then?

Sakurajima Mai (Bunny Girl Senpai)

Sakurajima Mai nsfw

Sakurajima Mai is undoubtedly a kuudere waifu, thanks to her vibrant presence and strong personality.

She has all the qualities of a kuudere: she is beautiful, caring, talented, hardworking, and down-to-earth.

Moreover, her aloof attitude and cool composure make her even more attractive.

Mai San’s stoic behavior adds to her mysterious charm, making her a perfect kuudere waifu.

Her ability to keep her emotions in check and her knack for never showing weakness are admirable qualities that make her an impressive kuudere waifu.

Despite her strong and independent demeanor, Mai San is also understood to be a very kind person who is unwaveringly loyal and supportive.

She is an intriguing character that can capture the hearts of many, and her determination and resolve make her an ideal kuudere waifu.

And last of all, who would not want that hot waifu in a bunnydress all the time?

Makise Kurisu (Steins Gate)

Makise Kurisu (Steins Gate)

She is a mature young woman who is always calm, collected, and reserved. She is highly intelligent which makes her even more admirable. Despite her often stoic demeanor, she is incredibly caring and has her own unique set of daddy issues.

But most of the time you will find her making sarcastic remarks.

She is slender with hestnut hair at her waist length.

She has an unique fashion sense and it makes her look cool.

Kurisu is also surprisingly timid at times, which makes her all the more endearing. She’s a great combination of cute and hot, but also hardworking and smart, making her incredibly valuable as a waifu.

Despite her tsundere-like qualities, her overall personality is the perfect combination of cute, hot, caring, tsundere, hardworking, smart, and annoying which ultimately makes her the perfect kuudere waifu.

Kurisu’s intelligence and her ability to remain composed in trying situations that truly make her a kuudere waifu. The fact that she can look so cool while battling her own inner turmoil is what really sets her apart from other characters. In the end, she is the queen and the perfect kuudere waifu to have.

Takina Inoue (Lycoris Recoil)

Takina Inoue (Lycoris Recoil)

Takina Inoue is a typical kuudere waifu character in Lycoris Recoil.

Her straight facial expressions and logical nature make her appear emotionless and distant, but deep down she cares about her job and the people around her.

Appearance wise she has purple eyes, long black hair.

She is highly focused on her goals and hates inefficiency, making her an effective and efficient soldier.

Despite her seriousness, she is still able to show her softer side and be a source of comedy for the series.

She is also able to make decisions based on logic rather than emotion, making her a dependable and loyal comrade.

She is able to rescue her loved ones without hesitation and will do anything to protect them. All these traits make Takina Inoue a perfect kuudere waifu!

Rem (Re: Zero)

Rem Uncensored Waifu Sticker- Vinyl Waterproof on Laptop

Rem is an ideal example of a kuudere waifu, as her character displays the qualities we’ve come to expect from this archetype.

At first, she seems cold and distant, but as the story progresses we see her caring side come out and her love for her sister and for Subaru.

She shows her softer side and her true emotions that make her an endearing character.

Not to mention she is also a highly sought-after figure in the anime merchandise world! Showing that she truly is an iconic character that has won many hearts.

Her cute maid dress appearance is very popular.

With Rem’s strong yet subtle emotions and her endearing personality, it’s no wonder why she is the ideal kuudere waifu.

Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown

Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown

Inori Yuzuriha is a young girl with strong mind.

She is very quiet and has no fear while doing her missions.

Her fighting dress has bright red color, she has pink hair

She is unemotional and follows the orders of Gai without question, showing her respect for him and her loyalty to his cause. Her beauty is also undeniable, making her a great character to watch and admire.

She is willing to sacrifice herself for Shu, as well as fight to protect those she cares for, adding a layer of depth to her emotionless exterior.

Inori is a great example of a kuudere waifu because of her strength, loyalty and beauty.

Kuroyukihime from Accel World

Kuroyukihime from Accel World

Kuroyukihime from Accel World is an excellent example of a kuudere waifu. A kuudere is someone who is initially emotionless and apathetic, but has a hidden caring nature.

Kuroyukihime displays this dichotomy perfectly, as she is a driven and intelligent individual who can be incredibly cold and distant at times, but is also willing to go to incredible lengths to protect her loved ones.

Even when faced with painful memories, she remains stoic and composed, displaying her strong sense of resolve and loyalty.

Her ability to stay calm and composed in the face of adversity makes her a great role model and beloved waifu, despite her unconventional methods.

To impress her just bring some high-quality tea.

Ram (Re: Zero)

Ram is the sister of Rem from the Anime Re:Zero. She is a Kuudere waifu too! Let me tell you why she’s a potential waifu for all you anime lovers out there who appreciate a gal with both body and character.

She’s got this medium-length light pink hair that covers her left eye, giving her an air of mystery. And those large darkish red eyes?

They’re like pools of seduction, drawing you in with their tantalizing gaze. Oh, and don’t forget her hair accessories!

She’s got these cute hair clips and a flower-shaped ribbon, all positioned just right to accentuate her feminine charm. And let’s not overlook the maid uniform she usually dons, adding a touch of elegance and sensuality to her overall look.


She may come off as self-centered and sardonic, but deep down, she cares for those around her.

It’s like a secret flame burning within her kuudere heart. Her sardonic remarks and teasing nature are just her way of showing affection, a playful dance of emotions that keeps things interesting.

She’s confident in herself and doesn’t rush to please others, but that’s what makes her all the more intriguing.

Ram knows her worth and isn’t afraid to let it shine.

But here’s the real cherry on top: her bond with her sister Rem. It’s a sisterly connection that goes beyond words. Ram treasures Rem more than anything, and that level of devotion is truly something special.

She’s not just a waifu; she’s a partner in crime, a confidante, and someone who will always have your back.

She’s the perfect blend of mystery and sociability, a delightful combination that keeps the relationship fresh and exciting.

In the grand tapestry of anime waifus, Ram stands out as a unique gem. With her captivating looks, kuudere personality, and deep affection for her sister, she embodies the essence of a true waifu. So, if you’re an anime lover who appreciates a dash of naughtiness and a whole lot of charm, Ram might just be the kuudere waifu of your dreams. Embrace the allure of her self-assured nature and let her captivate your heart like no other.

Akame (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame (Akame Ga Kill) nsfw

Akame is cold and distant, but still has a strong inner strength and an undying loyalty to her friends and comrades. Let me tell you why this anime girl is a potential waifu for all you anime lovers out there who appreciate a perfect balance of body and character.

She’s got this long black hair that flows down to her knees, and those fiery red eyes of hers can pierce through your soul. Her outfit is a sight to behold, with a dark sleeveless tank top, a white collar, and a red tie that adds a touch of sophistication. And that red belt paired with a black, pleated skirt?

It’s like a compelling mix of elegance and rebellion. Oh, and let’s not forget her red gauntlets and black gloves, adding a hint of danger to her overall ensemble. Whether she’s rocking her long dark coat in battle or donning a short black Yukata during peaceful times, Akame’s fashion game is always on point.

But Akame is more than just a pretty face. She’s a warrior with incredible skills and a deadly Teigu called Murasame. With that demon sword in her hands, she becomes an unstoppable force. Her loyalty to her friends and comrades is unshakable, and she’ll fight tooth and nail to protect them.

It’s like a fierce flame burning within her, driving her to always give her best. She may be cold on the outside, but deep down, she cares deeply for those she holds dear. That’s the kuudere waifu spirit right there, combining strength and sensitivity in one captivating package.

So, if you’re seeking a waifu with a touch of darkness, a hint of mystery, and a heart full of loyalty, look no further than Akame.

Embrace the charm of her cold exterior and discover the warmth of her unwavering love and devotion. Akame, the perfect waifu for those who crave both beauty and strength.

Kikyo (InuYasha)

Kikyo (InuYasha)

Kikyo from InuYasha is one of the best kuudere anime characters due to her emotionally distant exterior and her fierce determination.

She is an emotionless individual who doesn’t express her feelings, but still deeply cares for her loved ones. She is not someone who will start a fight, but when tested, she will not back down.

She often clashes with the main character InuYasha, but still has a strong romantic connection with him.

Despite appearing late in the show, she made a huge impact and is a great example of a kuudere waifu.

Her strength and determination make her the perfect waifu for those looking for a strong female character with a hidden softer side.

Inuyasha was one of the earliest animes that I have watched. And until now Kikyo is a mystery to me.

Chizuru Hishiro from ReLife

Chizuru Hishiro from ReLife

Chizuru Hishiro is a known kuudere waifu from the anime ReLife. She’s the kind of girl that anime lovers can’t help but be drawn to. Let me tell you why she’s a potential waifu material.

She’s a slender girl with straight mid-back length black hair that she ties in low pigtails, giving her a youthful and playful look. The green bands holding her pigtails add a touch of charm to her overall appearance.

In her Post-ReLIFE appearance, she lets her hair down, framing her face with short strands and allowing two longer strands to rest on her shoulders.

Her bangs, which cover her forehead, are slightly uneven, giving her an endearing and slightly unkempt style. She even has a small ponytail at the back, secured with those cute gray X-shaped pins she received from Kariu and Honoka.

She’s highly intelligent and always excels in her studies, often achieving the top spot in exams. However, she’s not the type to boast about her achievements. In fact, she’s quite oblivious to her surroundings and other people’s feelings. She tends to speak her mind without filters, sometimes unintentionally insulting others. Her social skills are lacking, which is why she often prefers to do things at her own pace and in solitude.

Despite her social awkwardness, Chizuru possesses a certain allure that makes her all the more intriguing. Maybe it’s her quiet demeanor or her air of mystery. It’s as if she’s lost in her own world, detached from the social intricacies of everyday life. And yet, there’s something captivating about her uniqueness.

In her interactions, Chizuru’s messages carry a business-like tone, similar to a professional contact. However, she’s added a delightful touch of cuteness by using cat emojis in her texts. It’s like she’s revealing a playful side hidden beneath her stoic exterior.

If you’re an anime lover seeking a kuudere waifu, Chizuru Hishiro is definitely worth considering. Her combination of intelligence, innocence, and social awkwardness creates a captivating persona that is both endearing and relatable.

Komi Shouko (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Komi Shouko

Komi Shouko is a popular kuudere waifu character because of her unique communication abilities.

Although she cannot speak, her inability to communicate creates a narrative that viewers can relate to and empathize with.

Furthermore, her story of overcoming adversity and struggling to find a place for herself in the world resonates with many viewers, making her an endearing character.

Her kuudere attitude of being cold yet rescuing people without them knowing highlights her strength of character.

Finally, her shy and anti-social nature, along with her passion for art, showcases her multifaceted personality that many viewers can find relatable. All these factors combine to make Komi Shouko a beloved and popular kuudere waifu character.

Overly she is very cute but not aggressive or insulting at all like other kuudere waifus. She is reserved and you have to be her friend to get close to her.

Saber (Fate)

Saber fate stay night waifu sticker

Saber from the Fate series is an ideal example of a kuudere waifu, as she is strong, silent, and possesses the ultimate warrior persona.

On the surface, she appears emotionless and keeps her feelings hidden, but her motivations are derived from her hope and desire to protect her loved ones.

She is a highly skilled fighter and a reliable ally that inspires trust and respect. Her selfless attitude and dedication to do what is right also make her an admirable character.

Despite her seemingly aloof personality, Saber is a kind and caring individual with a strong yet gentle heart that craves for love and understanding.

Her stoic demeanor and unwavering determination make her a perfect waifu for any fan of the Fate series.

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