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Best Waifu Games of All Time: Top 18 Video Games With Waifus

Are you looking for some of the best waifu games out there? If so, you've come to the right place. In this list, you'll find 18 great games with beautiful and loyal waifus. You'll be able to enjoy quality gameplay, amazing graphics, and plenty of other features. So don't wait any longer, start playing today!


Best Waifu Games of All Time: Top 20 Video Games With Waifus

Many video games have exciting waifus, but what is the best waifu game?

Btw by writing the best waifu game, I mean games with waifus.

From knights, snipers to princess – game waifus varies in every franchise.

And I am sure every game has waifus on whom we have some crush.

Or rather unhealthy obsession I would say!

I am not including Azur Lane waifus, then they would take over the entire list. Personally I like Prince of wales, Belfast and Illustrious.

Well here are the …

The 18 Best Video Games with Waifus of All Time

  1. Samus Aran
  2. Chun-Li
  3. Tifa Lockhart
  4. Bayonetta
  5. Rei Ayanami
  6. Mipha
  7. Mona Megistus
  8. Pyra/Mythra
  9. Palutena
  10. Catherine
  11. Princess Zelda
  12. Lara Croft
  13. Cortana
  14. Quiet
  15. Princess Peach
  16. Mercy
  17. D.Va
  18. Nero Claudius

Samus Aran

Samus Aran is an iconic video game character with waifus due to her unique design and evolving appearance over the years.

Her first appearance in Metroid for the NES in 1986 made her the first playable female character in a mainstream video game, cementing her as a quintessential video game waifu.

Samus Aran Zero SuitHer Zero Suit outfit featured in Super Smash Bros. since Brawl has only increased her popularity, as it consists of a tight blue bodysuit, high-tech neon-lit heels and a gun that doubles as a plasma whip – making it hard not to get some impure thoughts after seeing it.

Honestly, I guess people loved her in this blue tight dress and loved having naughty ideas at night.

Additionally, Samus’s primary function as a heroine is to dismantle dangerous robot weapons – making 2B from NieR Automata’s beauty mark look like child’s play.

However, waifu lovers, please note that she is 6 feet tall and weighs 90 kgs. You have your hands full in every sort of way.

Are you not afraid? Those who don’t worry about dying in the future won’t fight for their lives in the present.

Samus Aran


Chun-Li is one of the best video games with waifus of all time due to her iconic status as a female fighter and her muscular legs.

Thick thighs, save lives.

She is the symbol of this phrase.Chun Li Commission Art

Canonically, Chun-Li is an Interpol officer who seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of M. Bison.

I can see you begging to get handcuffed, aren’t ya?

Her strong moral code and incredible abilities have made her a fan favourite, standing above the rest of the male fighters in the series.

Her dress which exposes her thick legs has taken a good part in making her popular as well.

Furthermore, over time Street Fighter’s artists have slowly added more volume to Chun-Li’s thighs (and to other places) which has made them more appealing than ever in today’s thigh-loving culture full of thigh-high socks and sultry leggings.

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa lockhart sticker
Tifa lockhart sticker

Tifa Lockhart is one of the best video games with waifus of all time due to her iconic design and voluptuous figure.

When Final Fantasy VII first came out, she captured the hearts and minds of horny teenagers (and adults) everywhere with her beautiful face and sexy body.

Her Remake version has even more realistic proportions, which only adds to her appeal.

Additionally, Tifa wears thigh-high socks which adds another layer of attractiveness; it’s hard not to appreciate such a small detail in an already attractive character design.

Finally, Tifa’s role as an eco-terrorist adds intrigue and mystery to her character – making it even harder for people not to fall in love with her!

She has a shy personality, but her fighting style is violent.

She is a skilled martial artist and if you get in her bad books, you will answer to her fists.

[Best JOJO waifu]


Bayonetta is a great video game (2009) with waifus due to its powerful Umbra witch protagonist, Bayonetta.

Her real name is “Cereza,” which means cherry in Spanish – making her even more precious.

She has a slender and athletic body and a killer fashion sense that makes her one of the sexiest characters in video games.

Bayonetta with a gun

Her hair acts as a skin-tight bodysuit which she uses to summon demons.

In the game, Gates of Hell you can make her wear different clothes as well.

The plethora of unlockable costumes for Bayonetta that let players customize her look make it even more appealing.

Overall, Bayonetta offers an amazing gaming experience with its sexy visuals and fun gameplay – making it perfect for anyone who loves cute anime girls or action-packed storylines

The effort put into the animation for her special skills also adds to the overall aesthetics of the game and helps make Bayonetta an unforgettable experience with waifus for fans of action games or anime alike.

And my dear waifu lover loves to taunt her sexuality to her friends and enemies. So you can be either – I am sure you would not mind.

Rei Ayanami

Rei Ayanami embodies a combination of beauty, power, and perseverance. She is one of the most popular waifu from Evangelion.

She is beautiful yet deadly, wielding the Lance of Longinus. She is assumed to have some DNA from an angel named Lillith.

She is kawaii looking and one of Evangelion’s notable characters.


Mipha has a unique combination of appealing traits and looks.

For starters, she has the childhood friend appeal with her cute face and demeanour. In addition, she is also a red Zora – a rarity in The Legend of Zelda series – which adds to her charm factor.

Zora people are a mix between dolphins and sharks.

She wears a bright red and pink colored dress with a white colored front.

She can heal people, she is shy, she is loving and kind.

Anyone looking for a gentle game waifu should stop their search now.

Mona Megistus

Mona Megistus is one of the best video games with waifus of all time because her design is exceptionally sexy, and she has powerful Hydro abilities that make her a valuable addition to any adventuring party.

Mona Megistus

She can control your fluids just fine, if you know what I mean.

Mona’s backless dress, green eyes, black stockings add an extra layer of appeal to gamers who appreciate sexy characters in their video games.

You’re not from this world, are you?

Mona Megistus


Pyra and Mythra are the dual personalities of the Aegis Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Pyra imbues fire into the blade, while Mythra gives the player light-element attacks.


Both characters are beautiful warriors with contrasting personalities: Pyra is soft-spoken and kindhearted, and good at cooking while Mythra is confident, reckless, and independent.

The combination of these two contrasting personalities makes them a perfect marriage that many gamers have fallen for.

They wish they could spend more time with them due to their interesting personalities which are unlike any other video game waifus out there.

Both of them wear revealing clothes and I am sure you will love them both.

This 2 in 1 combo that no waifu lover can not miss. Either this will be a jackpot or a nightmare for you.


And as the Goddess of light, It’s my duty to protect humanity from her. – Palutena

Palutena is funny, spontaneous, and kind and can be selfish and proud at times.

She is a goddess, she can be proud. Palutena

She appears as a 22-year-old, white skin woman with a slender figure. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has greenish hair which goes well with her god-like appearance.

Moreover, it’s always good to have friends in high places – especially when they’re gorgeous goddesses of light who champion humankind.

When Palutena transforms into her warrior state, you will forget that she is usually a kind-hearted goddess.


Catherine is a puzzle platformer action video game developed by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The game follows the story of Vincent, a man who is torn between his love for his girlfriend Catherine and his loyalty to his friend Josh.

Catherine game waifuOne night, Vincent has a nightmare where he must climb up a tower of blocks while being chased by monsters.

During this dream-like state, players control Vincent as he navigates through challenging puzzles and battles against monsters.

Catherine is an attractive female character in Catherine who embodies the “bad girl” archetype – she’s charming, likable, seductive, but also destructive in her intentions towards cheating men.

This combination makes her an enticing prospect for many players who can’t help but be drawn to her despite knowing that she’s out to get them in the end!

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is one of the most iconic characters in video game history.

She has since become one of the first proto-waifus for gamers due to her cute design and gameplay.

Princess Zelda
Source: Tumblr

Over the years, Zelda has evolved into a more distinctive character with pointed ears, a royal dress, tight pants and different versions that give gamers more options when it comes to choosing a sweetheart.

Additionally, her relationship with Link has added an extra layer of depth and complexity that makes her all the more appealing as a waifu.

If you have something that can attract a princess, then she is yours.

Stow your fear. It’s now or never!

Princess Zelda

Lara Croft

Lara croftLara Croft is a gaming icon from the late 90s who has remained relevant by reinventing herself to get with the times.

She caught our hearts since 1996 – the game was available on PC and Playstation.

In the 90s, she was one of gaming’s most prominent sex symbols and her adventures were known to capture the hearts of many fans.

Today, Lara Croft’s design has modernize and she looks more awesome than her previous versions.


Cortana Halo game waifu

Cortana is one of the most unique video game with waifu of all time due to her design and importance in the game.

She is a UNSC-developed sentient AI who provides witty banter and can hold insightful conversations.

Cortana also has a playful side, making her perfect for deep debates or heated discussions.

So if you are after a virtual waifu then she is your best option.


Quiet is a character from the video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

She is an assassin who does not speak, as she suffers from a dangerous parasitic disease that burned her lungs.Quiet Metal Gear Solid V

But she gained the ability to brethe through her skin thus Quiet wears a revealing outfit made of material that allows her to breathe through her skin.

She would happily drop that skimpy outfit if you ask her too. But ask nicely, she is a ruthless killer.

Despite not having any lines of dialogue, Quiet’s character has received much praise for her depth and complexity.

Her tragic backstory gives players insight into why she chooses to remain silent despite being surrounded by other characters who want to know more about her past.

Additionally, players can appreciate how efficient and objective-driven she is in terms of gameplay since she won’t waste time with unnecessary chatter during missions or downtime at Mother Base.

She is not just an eye candy she is one of the most popular tactical waifu ever.

Princess Peach

Princess Peach is one of the most iconic video game characters in history, with her first appearance dating back to 1985.

Princess PeachShe is best known as the damsel in distress who needs rescuing by Mario and has been portrayed as an accomplished athlete, precise racer, and self-sufficient hero in more recent games.

Princess Peach also has royal public relations complications, since she is officially partnered with Mario in the eyes of the media.

Additionally, Princess Peach has a cute face and demeanour, which makes her even more appealing as a waifu for fans of Mario game.


Mercy is a character from the video game Overwatch. She is an omnic healer who uses her advanced technology to heal her teammates and boost their combat abilities. She also uses a pistol for self-defense when needed.

Mercy from Overwatch

She stands for peace and is a brilliant scientist.

Mercy is one of the best video games with waifus of all time because she offers something for everyone: whether you’re into cute anime girls, strong female characters Mercy has something for you.

Her design is both kawaii and powerful, allowing players to experience both sides of her personality in equal measure while they play.

Additionally, she’s received praise for being one of the few female characters in video games who isn’t sexualized or objectified much; instead she’s portrayed as an intelligent, capable woman who can stand on her own without needing a man by her side—something that many gamers have been waiting for in this day and age!

I can see you and her going on a date having swiss chocolate and tea.

D.Va overwatch waofu

D.Va is one of the best video games with waifus of all time because she sets herself apart from the pack right from the start with her sexy and easy-to-pull-off bodysuit.

She goes from being a professional StarCraft player to becoming a nationally-acclaimed MEKA pilot.

Nerf this – waifu lovers!

Nero Claudius

Nero Claudius is the fifth Emperor of Rome and very good at music and loves the arts.

But in this Fate/Extra game she is a gorgeous female character.Nero Claudius

Nero Claudius is perfect for those who want a girl who calls them by Roman political titles since she was known for doing so during her time as an Emperor.

Overall Nero Claudius makes for a great video game waifu due to her personality traits and beauty which have made her one of the most sought after in recent years thanks to Fate/Extra.

She wears a white and red long dress which is also semi-transparent.

For her red dress, she is often known as the red saber.

We loved her when she appeared in her Santa outfit and in her bridge outfit as well.

If you like a waifu with a personality like Gilgamesh then, well you will like this Roman waifu.

What to Consider when Choosing Games with Waifus

Games with Waifus: Gameplay

Azur Lane, Honkai Impact 3rd etc all feature prominent female characters that players can collect. Iron Saga also has male characters but the sheer number of female characters in the game outweighs the chance of getting a male character.

When choosing games with waifus it is important to consider what kind of gameplay features they offer.

Azur Lane focuses more on collecting beautiful anime-style illustrations while Honkai Impact 3rd gives players more customization options for their waifus by allowing them to obtain different battlesuits for each one.

Storyline that compliments the waifus

When evaluating games with waifus, it’s important to consider both the leading ladies and the main protagonists. Both sets of characters can be considered important elements of the story, as they often provide key plot points and motivation for players to progress through the game. The female characters may also serve as love interests or romantic options for players.

However, it’s important to note that not all games feature a strong female lead with equal importance as their male counterparts. For example, in some games such as “King of Fighters” (1994-) or “Soulcalibur” (1995-), the female cast often overshadows the male characters in terms of popularity and fan base due to their attractive designs and fighting abilities – though this does not mean that these women do not play an integral role in storyline progression!

Games with Waifus: Characters

hero spWhen choosing games with waifus, you should consider waifus who has a back story, nice design and dress.

Some popular waifu in this aspect I can think are Chun Li, Bayonetta, Lara Croft etc.

Quality of their Waifu in the games

Check the game’s artwork and character designs: Is it anime-style? Does it have a distinct style?

Are the characters appealing to you?

Check out gameplay videos to get a better idea of how they look in motion.

However, at least till now do not judge a game waifu from the game cur scenes. Those always look good!

Look at the number of waifus in the game: Is it overwhelming with low quality characters? or it has only few but well-made waifus!

Consider how well-developed their backstories are: Do they provide enough information about each character’s past and motives for their actions in current events?

Do you feel connected to them as individuals, or do you just view them as disposable tools for gameplay purposes only?

Check out what kind of gameplay features are offered: Is there an auto feature that allows you to play without having to actively control all aspects of your characters’ actions during battle/exploration, etc.?

Are there customization options available for both characters and mechas/ships etc.? Do the waifus have different suits/dreses to wear ;)?

Games with Waifus: Gameplay Variety

Different waifu games have different style of game play.

Consider Lara Croft, it is an adventure game with the waifu in the center.

Honkai Impact 3rd offers an role playing gameplay with a focus on collecting characters with different looks and battlesuits for each one.

[Best Waifus in Jujutsu Kaisen]

Games with Waifus: Progression and Leveling

azur laneAzur Lane, Honkai Impact 3rd and Destiny Child all feature characters that can be collected and leveled up.

Each game has its own unique way of leveling up the characters – for example, Azur Lane allows players to obtain different battle suits for their waifus which changes their appearance and gives them new abilities in battle.

Games with Waifus: Cost and In-App Purchases

In-app purchases mostly apply to mobile games. Just spend some dough to upgrade your waifus power, shorten her dress err.. I mean upgrade her armour and more!

Games with Waifus: Replay Value

If the characters in these games are often attractive, charismatic and well-developed, which makes them appealing to players who enjoy romance storylines.

Additionally, many games with waifus feature multiple endings that allow for more personalized experiences based on the player’s choices and interactions with the characters.

The more upgradable, personalized options available in the waifu game, the more it becomes enjoyable.

Thus, you can be sure that you will play it even after you have finished the game once.

Another factor that works is the addition of new missions and storylines.

[Best waifus in Genshin Impact]

Waifu Combat and Action

anime fateIn games with waifus, combat and action can take on many forms.

Depending on the game, you may be able to interact with your favorite character in a variety of ways such as battling monsters, exploring dungeons, solving puzzles or interacting with other characters in dialogue choices.

Some games even allow you to customize your waifu’s appearance and outfit them in different clothes or accessories.

Additionally, some games may allow you to romance your chosen lady which could lead to additional story lines or endings depending on how successful your relationship is.

Artwork and Visuals

When evaluating games with artwork and visuals, it is important to consider the artistic style of the game.

taihou anime

Different genres have different aesthetic preferences, such as pixel art for 2D games or 3D models for 3D games.

The visual quality of a game can also be impacted by its platform – mobile games usually have lower resolution graphics than PC or console titles.

[Best Waifu in Demon Slayer]

If a game has bad visual art, then this can ruin player experience and make it difficult to enjoy other aspects such as story or gameplay mechanics.

If you want some custom artwork done with your favourite game waifu, just contact us and we will be on it. We can also convert that design into shower curtain, waifu stickers and more!

What is a waifu game?


genshin impact rosaria

A waifu game is a video game that features anime or manga characters, often referred to as “waifus”, for the purpose of collecting and admiring.

Waifu games typically feature gameplay that revolves around collecting and unlocking new characters, often with different outfits or looks.

They may also include special moves or unique features that make the game more enjoyable.

Additionally, many waifus games also offer interactions with other players through social media platforms such as Discord or Twitter.

[How to find your waifu?]

What kind of gameplay experiences do waifu games offer?

Games like street fighter are focused on action, Lara croft is based on adventure and action.

And some waifu games are just harem.

What is the gacha system?

destiny child animation

The gacha system is a type of monetization model used in video games, where players are able to obtain random items or characters through the use of virtual currency or gems.

Gacha games utilize this system by offering players the chance to win rare and powerful items or characters by spending real money on in-app purchases.

These items can then be used to enhance gameplay, giving players an advantage over those who don’t spend money.

This creates an addictive cycle where players keep spending more money in hopes of getting better rewards and maximizing their success rate with these items.

What kind of graphics do waifu games have?

Waifu games typically have 2D or 3D graphics, depending on the type of game. For example, 2D waifu games often feature anime-style artwork and pixel art.

3D waifu games can be more realistic.

In both cases, the graphics are meant to create a fun and immersive experience for players while still staying true to their source material (anime characters in most cases).

The most popular waifus game is Azur Lane, Fate series, Overwatch. Just to name a few.

[Why Zero Two is the Best Waifu]

What types of waifus are available in waifu games?

metroid nintendoThere are many types of waifus available in waifu games. They can be classified into two main categories: anime-style and mecha-style.

Anime-style waifus are usually depicted as beautiful Japanese girls, often with long hair and large eyes.

They may come from popular manga/anime series such as Azur Lane’s or Honkai Impact 3rd’s battlesuits that give the characters a new look.

Mecha-style games feature both male and female characters that pilot powerful machines known as “mecha”.

These mecha can range from humanoid robots to giant robots or even dragons, depending on the game.

Iron Saga is a good example of this type of game where players can collect both powerful mechas and cute anime-style waifus alike!

What is a waifu though, if you are new to this?

A waifu is a term used to describe a fictional 2D character that is the preferred partner of a person, usually in the context of anime and manga.

The term “waifu” comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “wife” and has been used by Western anime and manga fans for quite some time now.

It has also made its way into mainstream geek culture, with gamers using it to refer to their 2D heartthrobs.

The term is used as an affectionate nickname for one’s favorite character, similar to calling someone their “bae” or “boo” nowadays.

The use of waifu-bait strategies by video games such as Genshin Impact and Overwatch have increased its popularity among gamers recently.

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