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10 Best Waifu in Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer is a very popular anime series in Japan that people love to watch. As they have some amazing characters that makes the whole story quite interesting. It is a famous action based show, which is all about monstrous demons and slinging slayers for hunting them.

The story revolves around a boy named Tainjiro, a boy who wants to save lives and restore his sister’s humanity.

During this journey of Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer we will meet some amazing Waifus.

And here we are providing you with the list of Best and Waifu in Demon Slayer, one of the top shonen anime of our time.

10. Hinatsuru

Hinatsuru is a popular anime character in the series who is one of the third kunoichi wives of Tengen Uzui. She has some amazing skills like two others and has a pretty different personality than others.

She is quite similar to Tanjiro because of her gentle behavior, who always loves to keep others first. Her role is quite amazing and people loved it, as she has a compassionate personality. 

If you have a crush on Tanjiro and you are a straight male then she is your waifu.

She has average height and a curvy figure. She wears a short dress which exposes her legs and chest.

9. Tamayo

Tamayo is a demon but still, she is a kind-hearted person who never does any harm to other people to feed herself.

On top of that she is a skilled doctor.

People who love soft-hearted people love to talk to Tamayo. She has impressed Tanjiro and Nezuko because of her warm personality. She is always ready to help people, and there are a lot of things that are highly impressive about Tamayo.

Spoiler Alert: Tamayo will take her revenge, even if she feels warm and friendly she does not shake when it comes to fighting Muzan.

8. Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho is a late flower Hashira and popular flashback character of Demon Slayer, she is known for her compassionate attribute and optimistic personality that everyone likes to see. Kanao has also rescued the life of Tsuyuri from a terrible life. Here we can say after seeing her personality that she is one of the best Waifu in Demon Slayer. 

She also has a slender figure but unlike her sister, she is quite tall.

7. Makio

Makio is a one of Tengen Uzui’s wives who is very confident waifu, and can stand on her own. She has a charming personality with some amazing attributes. She is very strong and tough, so otakus should also know about this popular female character. 

Makio is very similar to Inosuke in mentality. Both are full of energy and kind of hot headed.

It is also believed that Makio is very good at handling Suma when the latter is throwing a tantrum. She is a perfect Waifu like many other strong Waifu in the  anime series demon slayer.

Makio has short yellow hair and wears a small dress exposing her legs and chest.

And she is very confident which makes her one of the favorite character here.

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6. Suma

Suma is one of the most fun and attractive characters of Demon Slayer who is also popular because of her charming personality. She is a trained kunoichi and one of Tengen Uzui’s wives who doesn’t have any fear of demons and is always ready to fight with her competitors. 

Suma has some qualities through which we can say that she is equivalent to Zentitsu Agatsuma. If anime fans are looking for an expressive Waifu then Suma is someone they are looking for. 

Suma is often cared for by Makio.

Suma is a cry baby and may be secretly she wants to be punished.

If you like gentle characters with dramatic personalities then you will love her.

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5. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao is a very cute girl that anime fans loved her elegant personality. She is also a member of Butterfly state along with Shinobu kocho and other slayers. She is meek and flips coins to make her decisions quickly but you should know that she is not a villain. 

Kanao is popular because of her easy going disposition that makes her a good Slayer and she always lives up to Shinobu’s expectations. The anime fans also love her because of the wholesome moments with Tanjiro.

Kanao Tsuyuri has good character traits which makes her a good waifu.

For one, she does not talk. Ahem, I am joking.

She has a caring personality and also is affectionate, and she can go through any limit for the people she loves.

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4. Shinobu Kochou

Shinobu Kochou is one of the most enthusiastic personalities who is the demon’s Slayer corps and the only insect Hashira. She doesn’t have any strength to cut the demon’s head but she uses wisteria poison to slay her foes, so she never gets to be underestimated in the whole series. 

Fans should know that she has a loving personality, but her anger is also threatening with her cheerful exterior. So it will always be the best option not to test her patience, even in a loving relationship. 

She is one of the fan-favorite character by anime lovers. Mostly because of how she pokes at Giyu.

3. Daki

Daki is the hottest demon character in Demon Slayer who is also known as Warabihime and she is also an antagonist of Demon Slayer. Daki is a cruel, hated, and an arrogant individual who always enjoys toying her victims and she is like Muzan Kubitsuzi in that regard.

But fans should also know that Daki cares about her brother and has always been respectful to him.

As a human, we can say that Daki is kind and was not convinced by her human suitors that easily.

However as a demon, Daki quickly became famous in the entertainment district arc. She is one of the hot characters in this fantasy action series.

She wears a very revealing dress which is like a bikini. And she kills humans wearing that dress as well.

Otakus like that want to be her victim as well. And although cruel, she is an ideal waifu for many fantasy series fans.

Her brother is however one of the bloodthirsty demons that these demon fighters faced so far.

2. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado is the perfect sister just like her brother Tanjiro. She is popular because of her compassionate personality just like Hinatsuru. Her senses are very strong and she doesn’t eat human flesh for no reason. 

If we talk about all characters then Nezuko is one of the best characters in Demon Slayer as per fans speaking. Her combat skills are quite amazing and her loyalty with her brother is something people love. 

Nezuko is one of the hottest female demons in her adult forms.

She might be one of the Strongest Demons in this demon slayer story.

But she is also one of the  cutest characters to make your waifu.

1. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji is a LOVE Hashira who has a charming and enthusiastic personality.

She is a very fun character and you can notice her funny side among all the exciting characters of Hashiras.

She has joined the corps because she is looking for a spouse from the demon slayers because she vowed to marry a man who is stronger than her.

And she is as strong as eight men by the way. She is literally a monster or a demon girl when it comes to raw strength.

Fans are just loving these fictional characters of Demon Slayers. 

She will play a great role in the upcoming future for the demon slayer series. 

Afterall she has a stellar personality and she is like an elder sister to Nezuko.

If you love a cheerful person, if you love a compassionate person then you would love Mitsuri as your waifu.

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Mitsuri Kanroji and Nezuko are one of the most popular girls in Demon Slayer.

🔴 Who is the weakest Hashira?

If we talk about the weakest Hashira then Shinobu Kocho appears to be the weakest but she is very fast though.

🔴 Who is Tanjiro’s girlfriend?

Kanao could be Tanjiro’s girlfriend.

Well, it is believed that Zenitsu and Nezuko have the most popular canon ship in Demon Slayer.

🔴 Who is the hottest Hashira?

Mitsuri Kanroji is the hottest and lovable Hashira because of her beautiful character and personality. She cares for everyone around her.

🔴 Who is the cutest anime girl in Demon Slayer?

Nezuko is no doubt the cutest anime girl in demon slayer.

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