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Who is the Best Waifu in Haikyuu? Ranking the Top 10 Female Characters with the highest waifu potential

Haikyuu female characters are most energetic and motivating to their team! Here are the cute top 10 best Haikyuu waifus for you!


10 best waifu in Haikyuu! Here are the cute haikyuu female characters that you should watch out for!

  1. Kiyoko Shimizu
  2. Hitoka Yachi
  3. Saeko Tanaka
  4. Alisa Haiba
  5. Yui Michimiya
  6. Yukie Shirofuku
  7. Kanoka Amanai
  8. Madoka Yachi
  9. Akane Yamamoto
  10. Chizuru Sasaki

Kiyoko Shimizu – Our no 1 Haikyuu Waifu

Kiyoko Shimizu a third-year Karasuno High student and the girls’ volleyball team captain. Kiyoko Shimizu is one of the main characters in Haikyuu and she serves as the manager for the Karasuno high school’s volleyball team.

Kiyoko is a beautiful girl who is loved by many of the students. She often takes on a supportive role and is shown in the background, but she plays an important part in the story.

Kiyoko is known for her straightforward and serious personality. Combine this with athleticism, you got a lot on your hands if you pick her as your waifu.

She has shoulder-length black hair and wears sharp-looking eyeglasses. 

Kiyoko is very attractive and erotic in her own way. She is so beautiful that she attracts attention from both males and females.

The Karasuno high school’s volleyball team is typically known as the team with the beautiful manager.

You will absolutely want to be in that team.

Hitoka Yachi – One of the most popular female Haikyuu characters

Every otaku loves female managers.

Hitoka Yachi is the second manager of Karasuno high’s volleyball team. She is a college student and is one of the most well-liked female characters in Haikyuu!!. 

She is often ranked highly on lists of best waifu in the series. 

She has blonde hair which is almost chin length and has a medium body frame.

Players like Kindaichi, and Yamamoto consider her to be cute.

And she is cute.

Hitoka is a fun and relevant character that fans enjoy. She has an overactive imagination power and that lands her in hilarious situations.

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While she is funny and clumsy, she takes her duties seriously and is curious like a cat.

Hitoka undergoes a great deal of growth throughout the series, both as a character and as a person. She is close to several major characters in the show.

Saeko Tanaka

Saeko Tanaka is a headstrong and reckless character which makes her stand out among the other female characters in Haikyuu!! She’s like Jirou from my hero academia; a carefree, fun-loving girl.

Saeko is similar to other strong and female characters in pop culture as well.

She has a slender body and average height. Her dressing sense is like a rock star and matches her rebellious mindset.

And she wears two bracelets with iron spikes on them. Kinky Otakus, beware. 

Her punk rock look with short hair makes her stand out from the other girls in the series. In addition, her lollipop and carefree attitude add to her appeal.

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Alisa Haiba

Alisa Haiba is Lev’s older sister and is often seen alongside Akane in the anime. Alisa is bubbly and supportive, and she quickly jumps to the conclusion that Akane is in love with Lev. Alisa has all kinds of imagination running wild, especially with the romance.

Alisa is a cheerful and supportive character and often provides support for Lev. She was a former cheerleader, after all.

She calls her brother Lyovochka, I wonder what nickname she is going to give to you!

She is tall, has a slender figure and has large green eyes. She is quite stylish as well. She will make a great waifu for you.

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Yui Michimiya

Yui Michimiya

Yui Michimiya is the best waifu in Haikyuu because she is always smiling and cracking jokes. 

She was the captain of the girl’s volleyball team and is able to give motivational speeches to push the team forward.

Yui is a very active and energetic person, and she was not strict as a captain in her glory days.

She gets clumsy and flustered around Daichi and is worried about her sturdy thighs.

But you do not worry about it, right, my fellow Otaku?

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Yukie Shirofuku

yukie shirofuku

Yukie Shirofuku is a 3rd-year student at Fukurodani Academy, and she was the team manager of the school’s volleyball club. 

She is a well-mannered and calm individual who is popular with her team. 

Yukie is shown to have an appetite for anything and is usually seen wearing a manager’s uniform. She presently works as a nutritionist. In this way, she can help others with their diet.

Yukie is average height with reddish brown hair and matching coloured eyes. I somehow feel her face is similar to the face of Unohana from the bleach.

Kanoka Amanai

Kanoka Amanai

Kanoka Amanai is a potential best waifu. But you have competition. She is a childhood friend of Ryūnosuke Tanaka.

She occasionally gets flustered when around him, so I think you got competition.

Kanoka was bullied for her height and Tanaka would chase the bullies away so they got a good bonding for sure.

She was featured in the Tokyo Nationals Arc. She is an ace player and is tall and muscular, has large eyes and long lashes, and shows a shy side around her crush.

She is also a very tall woman, she towers over all the other Haikyuu waifus easily.

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Madoka Yachi

Madoka yachi

Madoka Yachi is one of the most important characters in Haikyuu!! She helps her daughter, Hitoka, develop As a character.

Now you know where Hitoka got her looks.

Madoka’s impact on Hitoka was significant because she showed how much she cared for her. However, most of the times she seems detached and cold.

Madoka is a hard-working woman who is often left alone at home. She has long, brown hair and wears make-up which is similar to her hair colour. Madoka is a workaholic and often spends her time at work. However, she still tries to find time for her family and friends.

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Akane Yamamoto

Akane Yamamoto is one of the supporting characters in Haikyuu. She cheers for her team throughout the Tokyo Nationals Arc and is a supportive character.

Akane has curly hair and pig tails and wears a sailor girl’s uniform. She is energetic and always out on cheering out her team.

She often act as a researcher who finds out information on how other teams are playing.

Haikyuu lovers like her as a smart, energetic character.

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Chizuru Sasaki

Sasaki chizu

Chizuru Sasaki is a third-year student at Karasuno High School and is the wing spiker for the girls’ volleyball team. She is a quiet and sweet girl who gets discouraged easily. 

She just does not have the confidence that she can do something great.

Chizuru often takes the blame, even though she knows it wasn’t her fault. 

Built wise she is short, and thin has brown hair and most of the time she is seen wearing her volleyball uniform.

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