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13 Best waifu my hero academia – who do you like the most?

My hero academia has tons of waifu material. And no matter what you choose, you will get one.

Here are the best waifu my hero academia and why should you get one!

And for this blog consider them as adults.

  1. Ochaco Uraraka
  2. Nejire Hado
  3. Momo Yaoyorozu
  4. Mt. Lady
  5. Midnight
  6. Himiko Toga
  7. Camie Utsushimi
  8. Rumi Usagiyama
  9. Toru Hagakure
  10. Tsuyu Asui
  11. Mei Hatsume
  12. Itsuka Kendo
  13. Jiro Kyoka

Beautiful Waifus of Hero Academia in one Video

Best waifu my hero academia – who suits who?

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco is a short, well-built girl with a quirk named Zero gravity.

She is quite shy but gets angry when Deku gets close to another girl.

This is what you want, right? Here being possessive and jealous?

And she can make you weightless, make her weightless, and then you guys can do some … things!


She wants to be rich and wants to do heroic work for money, but she is not a gold digger.

She has seen some poverty, thus she is like that.

I consider this as a positive trait as well.

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Nejire Hado

With periwinkle hair color and medium build, Nejire is a strong hero with a reputation.

Nejire is more of a kawaii waifu than a hot flaming one.

But she definitely is a nice waifu to have.

In the manga/anime we do not see any potential love interest of her, but there could be someone hidden though 🙂

The top reasons for Nejire being a top waifu from hero academia stems from her happy personality, affectionate behavior, and of course her mesmerizing beauty.

But do not let her free spirit personality misguide you, she is fierce in her hero work and will hit you with everything.

You better not stay on her wrong side.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo is the definition of beauty with a brain. She has strong leadership and analytics skills, and in all the battles she is the brain of the actions.

To impress her, you got to be strong and have a sound mind.

Her dress is revealing due to the nature of her power.

She can make anything out of her body fat, thus she needs all the openings.

Don’t get lewd ideas, she is pretty serious about relations and all.

If you are looking for a cool-headed, strong woman as your waifu then Momo should be the first choice.

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Mt. Lady

Mt.Lady or Yu Takeyama is a pro hero with an outgoing personality.

She has a curvy body, and she never forgets to flaunt it with sex appeal.

For that, she is very popular among common citizens and among heroes themselves.

She often makes lewd jokes about her body as well.

But do not think she will like you if you are weak or have no will.

She is a pro hero, after all.

Her powers are pretty amazing too, she can enlarge her body into a giant. And she gets super strong as well.

If you want your waifu to be lazy, lewd yet have a strong character and strength then Yu or Mt.Lady is the waifu for you.

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Nemuri Kayama or MIdnight or the R-rated hero should be one of the top waifu of your choice from Hero Academia.

Midnight is a tall curvaceous lady with a lewd dress on.

Her dress is similar to those dominatrix ladies. All leather, skin tight bodysuit which exhibits her figure completely.

But you have seen nothing yet about this waifu.

This dress is very decent from what she used to wear during her school days.

During her training days in UA she only used had black tapes on her nipples. Definitely, she wore the more revealing dress at that time.

That tiny dress of her will surely get you hooked.

She has a filthy personality to match that dressing sense as well.

If you are into BDSM then she is the best waifu for you. She will always dominate you, btw.

Himiko Toga

Do not let that pretty face fool you. She uses blood to get power from other quirky people.

She also gives a vampire vibe since she has to drink the blood of other people.

Her dressing sense, skin and hair color are also very pale.

Himiko also has a very erratic, unpredictable personality to go with as well.

In Hero Academia she is a villain but nonetheless, she has a goal to achieve, and she is motivated for it.

If you are not shy about a woman who wields a knife perfectly, she is unpredictable. If you are not afraid to play with danger, then Himiko is a good choice for you!

Camie Utsushimi

Camie is a second-year student from another hero school named Shiketsu high.

She has noticeable plump lips and a curvy body. Her suit is similar to a tight BDSM black suit.

Her school dress is pretty normal, though.

Camie has a cool, carefree personality like a normal girl of her age.

Camie can emit smoke from her mouth to create illusions, so it might be useful when you stay with her.

Apart from her laid-back, bubbly personality, very little is known about her powers.

Rumi Usagiyama

The Rabbit Hero or Rumi is one hell of a strong woman.

Considering her ability, she is very muscular, especially her legs are very strong and long.

She is quite aggressive and motivated when it comes to battle. Rumi even lost an arm during a fight with a high-end Nomu.

If you choose Rumi as your wifu, prepare for aggressive advances on you.

She is outspoken, prefers to work alone, and embraces danger with a grin.

And Rumi has a very high level of endurance, and it will reflect in her other daily work as well. Be prepared for your alone times with her in advance.

Toru Hagakure

She is the invisible waifu that you are looking for to do naughty things and no one would know.

For a long period of time, we did not know how she looked, but a new manga chapter revealed some of her bodily features.

And she did look beautiful.

And ahem, for her quirk to work, she does not wear any clothes.

How convenient you might think :p

Personality wise she is cheerful, bubbly and everything an easygoing girl has.

But remember she can be sneaky so do not do anything stupid, you will never know if she is looking at you.

Otherwise, she is a fun waifu to stay with.

Tsuyu Asui

Tsuyu Asui or Froppy is an extraordinary Hero student with excellent close combat capability.

As her name suggests, her quirk is related to frogs and she does show some frog-like capabilities and behaviors.

Coming to her personality, she is pretty straightforward and is very calm. She has a good sense of battle and always stays busy at work.

She also makes sure to have a face with a blank expression, so it is hard to ready what she is thinking.

If you want your waifu to have sound judgment, a cool head and a slim athletic body then Tsu is your best waifu.

Mei Hatsume

Mei Hatsume is from the support class. She makes support items for all the heros from other classes.

She always stays busy making new stuff and experimenting with them.

She often blows them up all the time.

Mei has some steamy encounters with Deku which left him and Ochako blushing.

And in this situation, Deku could only think of her boobs.

Yes, she got a curvy figure, and she is super smart.

If you want to have her as your waifu then you have to take part in her explosive experiments and be funny about it.

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Itsuka Kendo

Although it may seem Kendo’s main job is to shut up Monoma whenever he starts talking trash.

She is known as the big sister of class 1-B.

But she has an intellect and tactician mind that rivals Momo.

And with her karate background and quirk of big hands, she can chop down on any opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

And she has shown she can do it while being perfectly graceful in the fashion show.

Apart from this, she has a cheerful personality and a caring attitude.

To make her your waifu, show her your strong-willed mindset and some love for martial arts. And clearly she doesn’t to like mindless talking, so open your mouth only when it makes sense.

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Jiro Kyoka

Jiro has lazy looking eyes and has a slender body. Jiro is very fond of music and can play guitar very well. Her power is also sound-based.

Her personality is reserved, but from time to time she does make teasing comments.

But still she loves people and enjoys the company of others.

She can also be very aggressive if you offend her.

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No matter which waifu you choose from Hero Academia, there will be war. All of them are very strong-willed female characters and will not care for any dishonest person at all.

To have them as your waifu either be a Hero, be a strong person, be honest and be fun.

So who is your top waifu from my hero academia?

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