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10 Best Waifus in Genshin Impact: Tier List and Characters

Want to quickly know who is the best waifus in genshin impact? Then This waifu list will solve your waifu issues. This is not a waifu tier list but a detailed analysis of the waifus!

I do not know why you play Genshin Impact. But I play for the waifus. I like the Genshin Impact waifus a lot, and I am sure you like these pretty ladies a lot too.

The art, the colour, and the voices of these waifus are on point.

Who is your favorite waifu? I know you have one, every Genshin Impact player has their eyes on the waifus!

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Who are the best waifu in Genshin Impact?

  1. Raiden Shogun
  2. Mona
  3. Yae Miko
  4. Ganyu
  5. La Signora
  6. Lisa
  7. Beidou
  8. Shenhe
  9. Lumie
  10. Ningguang

Raiden Shogun – No 1 Genshin Impact Waifu

Raiden Shogun is one of the best waifus in the game for a number of reasons. First, she’s absolutely adorable and has a great design. Second, her weapon is incredibly powerful and makes her a top pick for many players. And finally, her Elemental Burst looks amazing, and her voice is just perfect for the character.

She looks like an adult woman as well. And some people will also find the beauty mark under right eye attractive.

Raiden Shogun is one of the best waifus in Genshin Impact also because of her great character design. Mitsudomoe is a Japanese symbol which represents the highest honor and Raiden’s clothing and accessories reflect Japanese culture and influences.

Mona – No 2 best Waifu Genshin Impact

Mona Megistus is one of the most popular and playable characters in the show, and it’s easy to see why. She’s got a great design, with her hat and ponytails being her most distinctive features.

I like the golden ornaments on her body. Like the compass on her chest and something that wrapped around her right thigh.

But her clothes are also very eye-catching, and she has a tsundere personality which never fails to amuse us.

She is a hydromancer and an astrologist with powers that allow her to detect lies.

Your waifu will catch up that you are lying, but with this witch as your waifu, why would anyone lie though?

She can tell everything about you just by looking at the stars.

However, she may seem witchy, but she is a kinda simple girl, don’t you think?

PS: She likes simple dishes when and she can cook too.

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Yae Miko

Yae Miko is a playable character who can use electro elements.

She has pink hair and her dress is white and pink/red color based. Her dress very much resembles a shrine maiden dress of Japanese culture.

And did you notice her cute pink-colored fox ear?

She’s the closest friend Raiden Shogun has and is a very mysterious person. Her voice is really cool and mature, making her an excellent choice for a new character in Shadow of the Colossus.

She is a kitsune and the owner of the Yae Publishing House. She also has a cute fox form that makes her even more lovable.

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Ganyu is a cute and strong character who has a difficult life. Despite being an orphan, she was taken in by the Liyue Qixing, and she works as a secretary.

She is a kind-hearted person who always puts others before herself, which often gets her into trouble. Ganyu’s design is perfect, and her sleepy interactions make her the perfect waifu to take care of.

She looks like a human but is a half-human, half-Adeptus hybrid. She has black and red horns.

Ganyu is one of the best waifus in Genshin Impact. She is a very dedicated secretary who often works overtime. However, Ganyu is prone to falling asleep at work. She often gets extremely nervous and makes mistakes and gets quite embarrassed for it.

Ganyu is a great waifu because she’s hard-working, even though she falls asleep on the job sometimes. She doesn’t have many friends outside of work, but she’s very loyal to those she does have. Ganyu is also sensitive about her horns, weight, and childhood.

Ganyu is very quiet and reserved, but she can be fiercely loyal to her employers.

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La Signora

La Signora is a unique character design which makes her intimidating and attractive.

Her full name is Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, and she is also known as “The Fair Lady”.

The Fair Lady sounds really elegant to me whereas her full name sounds very scary.

Signora is one of the best waifu in Genshin Impact due to her tall and slender figure, pale skin, and light grey eyes. She also wears a black mask that covers her right eye and a black earring on her left ear. Signora is seen with what appears to be a Catalyst hovering behind her right shoulder.

She also covers her right eye by wearing a black mask. Her overall dress is very beautiful with colors like dark red and white.

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Lisa is a powerful and seductive intellectual and an electro character.

A master Electro mage, she is one of the most brilliant graduates of her alma mater in the last two centuries.

Lisa reads books for pleasure but also uses them to gain access to restricted titles that interest her.

She is a librarian and will go the extra mile to collect the books which you have not returned.

Do not get on her bad side, ever.

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When she is happy, she often refers to people as honey, cutie, darling.

She is a beautiful woman with vast knowledge and loves to sip tea.

Lisa is one of the best waifus in Genshin Impact because she has a rocking body and a sultry voice. Lisa is flirtatious and charming, but can also be scary when she’s angry. Lisa enjoys tea and vegetable soup. However, Lisa suffers from cucurbitophobia, the fear of pumpkins.

A witch that fears pumpkins, ain’t that cute!

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Beidou is one of the best characters in the game. She’s a must-have for any fan of the game. Her pirate design brings a new dynamic to the girl squad. Beidou is a powerful tank and funny in her interactions with other characters.

Beidou is one of the best waifus in Genshin Impact because of her traditional Chinese-inspired outfit. The red eyepatch, earring, and leotard show off her fighting skills while also looking stylish. Beidou is a great choice for those who want a strong and independent waifu.

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Shenhe is one of the many playable characters in Genshin Impact.

She is the captain of the crux and she is known for her strength.

Her outfit consists of black clothing with these red strings running across her body. The combination of her captivating appearance and unique backstory makes her a popular character among players.

Shenhe is a tall, fair-skinned woman with medium-dark hair. Her dress is made with black leotard underneath a sleeveless qipao dress.

With the obvious sides cut to expose her legs and the chest area has a cut too.

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Lumine is a young girl who is a genius and always up for adventure. Lumine can hold her own against Diluc in a chess game and can channel elemental power. Lumine is scary because of her powerful ability and mysterious past.

Maybe you make her your waifu and travel to her world? Sounds like an adventure to me!

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Ningguang is a popular figure in town and many people know about her. However, there are many different stories about her, and they are all different.

But she is a strong women, there is no doubt about it.

She is the best merchant, talk of the town, friendly to little kids and very sociable at parties.

Ningguang is one of the best waifus in Genshin Impact. She is poised sophisticated, and a master strategist. Ningguang also has a beautiful face and her qipao dress is a perfect fit for her tall, curvy body.

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How did we rank the waifus in Genshin Impact?

We ranked them by doing a small research on who is the most popular Genshin waifu online. And added the info with which we think is the best waifu material.

Genshin Impact has many more waifus, but we think these waifus can be naughty as needed.

That is a priority, right?

Thus, in our genshin impact waifu ranking, we got Raiden Shogun as the first waifu.


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