Bleach Waifu Sticker Collection

Bleach has tons of waifu and best girls in it. Be it a soul reaper like Rangiku, human-like Orihime or the blonde Tier Harribel.

Ever wondered how they would look in more naughty lewd positions?

Buy All the Bleach Waifu Stickers online!

Here are the NSFW bleach waifu stickers to stick onto your phone, laptop, car and any place you can think of.

These bleach waifu stickers are bright, colorful and waterproof.

We will try to include all of these Kawaii waifus by this bleach waifu ranking and you can contact us for a custom sticker as well.

Presently we have orihime waifu,yoruichi waifu,Nelliel,Rukia and more!

The Speciality of Our Bleach Waifu Stickers

  • These waifu stickers are made with vinyl material.
  • These stickers have vibrant colors and details and they have a matte finish.
  • These bleach stickers have a UV layer and are waterproof.
  • You can use them both indoors and outdoors.
  • These waifu stickers should last for 6 years or more.
  • These waifu stickers are easy to peel off.

Bleach Waifu Sticker Sizes

  • 3×3 Inches
  • 4×4 Inches
  • 5×5 Inches
  • 6×6 Inches

Return Policy And Support

Returns & exchanges Not accepted, But please contact me if you have problems with your order. If product damage, will replace 100%

Product shipping

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For rest of the world, the delivery for physical products might take 10-30 business days. Due to pandemic, the delivery might take +15 business days extra.

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