Custom Dakimakura Commission and Custom Dakimakura Cover Printing

Get custom dakimakura commission done by an Artist and then get the custom body pillow cases delivered to your doorstep!
We make custom dakimakura pillow covers design and also do custom dakimakura printing with the best materials. We know you care about the details and your waifus and as a fellow weeb, we do too.

Get Custom Dakimakura Commission and Custom Dakimakura Cover Printing

Want to get your custom waifu pillow but not sure how to begin?

We, Kawaii Waifus do custom dakimakura commission, and custom dakimakura printing and provide the inner body pillow material as well.

So any weeb can order a unique one-of-a-kind custom Dakimakura design commission. Then pick weeb friendly best Dakimakura material for the cover and order the inner pillow.

All under one roof.

And this helps us keep the Dakimakura pillow cost lower than others.

Here is how you can get your custom dakimakura!

Get a custom Dakimakura art that only you would have.

You can show off your unique dakimakura to your other weeb friends to make them jealous.

If you are wondering where to buy custom dakimakura then is your best choice.

We can make custom waifu designs for your body pillow, we can provide you with the body pillow cover and the inserts.

To start head over to the custom dakimakura page and place your order.

We would request you send us detailed instructions about the custom-made Dakimakura design.

The more information you provide, the better we can create your dakimakura design.

Your custom body pillow case will have this design and we can make it kawaii, we can make it lewd/NSFW. Whatever you like to be on the body pillow cover, tell us.

Our Custom Dakimakura Commission Features

High-quality 300 DPI design for high-quality printing on the cover material.

15 days design delivery in digital format. (Many change requests, communication speed, etc may extend the time frame a bit)

You will be asked to provide detailed information and will be informed properly from time to time to notify you about the progress.

Read more about the commission process here.

Features of our Custom Dakimakura Body Pillow Cases

Our custom Dakimakura pillowcase is available in three premium materials. These are peach skin, Natural Velvet, and 2-way tricot.

  • Peach Skin: 100% Polyester material, custom dakimakura designs look bright and colorful on it and it has a smooth feeling.
  • Plush Natural Velvet: These custom dakimakura pillow covers feel warm and soft to the touch. These are fluffy body pillow covers that feel really nice. 
  • 2-Way tricot: This 2-way tricot is the most premium body pillow cover material. This cover material has nice elasticity, bright colors, and a nice feel to the touch. 2-way tricot is the best Dakimakura material available now.

These body pillow covers come with an invisible zipper which will not bother you while cuddling 🙂

We can provide you with a custom body pillow cover for your favorite anime girl in many sizes!

  • 16*47 inches (40*120 cm)
  • 20*60 inches (50*150 cm)
  • 20*63 inches (50*160 cm)

How do you deliver the custom body pillow case Dakimakura?

We deliver the custom Dakimakura case or the pillow in a secure package via Standard Shipping Method. You should get the custom Dakimakura pillow within 25-45 business days. 

How much does a Dakimakura Pillowcase cost?

An anime body pillow cover can cost from $35 USD to $50 USD or more. It will depend on the pillow cover material and shipping cost. And the custom Dakimakura commission will hike the price as well.

Custom Dakimakura printing process?

After we get the design from you, we confirm if the design is printable and will look good on the pillow.

Once that check is made, we ask you to choose the pillow cover type and size.

And when we receive the order we start printing the design on the pillow cover.

Dakimakura printing is done on a special printer and then is tailored, seeded, and ironed before packing.

Where to buy Dakimakura pillow?

If you want to buy a dakimakura inner pillow then you can order from directly along with your custom dakimakura commission and custom pillow.

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