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How to make your waifu come to life? [EASILY]

A burning question of otaku culture is how to make a 2d

female character alive in 3d world.

How to make your waifu come to life?

Can you really make a female fictional character come to life?

There are some weird possibilities for the anime waifu lovers.

Anime fandom and other anime hangout places have some ideas.

And here are the best options for anime lovers to make their waifu anime avatar come to life. 

Sort of!

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Easy achievable ways on how to make your waifu come to life


Anime Merchandise Like Body Pillow

Animation technology have not passed the level where it can make your waifu come to life.

But you can always make your waifu printed on a dakimakura.

And with Kawaiiwaifus they can draw your waifu as you wish as per dakimakura dimensions that you decide.

And you can always print it on the body pillow cover.

Make Custom made anime waifu digital drawings

Do you have a unique idea for your waifu. May be she looks like Lucy and has a body like Tsunade?

Or something more extreme?

KawaiiWaifus can draw any type of waifu in any position that you can imagine.

This is an easy way to make your imaginary anime waifu come to life.

Other Weird Ideas on making your waifu come to life!

Use Anime Biased Science!

With the power of modern technology, we are able to make our dreams come true.

We can now turn our fantasies into reality thanks to the wonders of science.

If you want to live out your dream of having a beautiful anime girl in your life, you don’t need to wait for it anymore. You can do it yourself.

[How to find your waifu]

Remember the meme where a guy learns complex sciences to travel to anime world?

The first step is to find a way to insert human genes into an animal or monster.

You might want to consider some degree in genetics, may be!

Once gene insertion is done, you need to breed that animal with some test tube baby methods.

Is Toga a Good Waifu?

That is inserting human genes into it.

Will it work?

No one has tried it.

Waifus are for Losers

The tricky part will be how to customise the test tube baby to be your waifu.

Forget the age gap, how would that test tube baby would look like your 2d waifu?

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Build-a-Waifu in Full Metal Alchemist Style

In FMA story it all begun with this combination below

  • Water (35 L)
  • Carbon (20 kg)
  • Ammonia (4 L)
  • Lime (1.5 kg)
  • Phosphorus (800 g)
  • Salt (250 g)
  • Potassium Nitrate (100 g)
  • Sulfur (80 g),
  • Fluorine (7.5 g)
  • Iron (5 g)
  • Silicon (3 g)
  • And trace amounts of fifteen other elements.

Then you need to email the writer to know the spell to create a human.

But will that create a human?

Accidentally making a waifu like Lust can be a living dream or a nightmare.

You might need to provide some images of your waifu? Probably with all the naughty details :p

Then who knows, it might just work.

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Convince a 3D Waifu to be Your 2D Waifu!

 Rather than doing scientific mumbo jumbo shit, you should consider getting an actual real girlfriend.

Now in very rate case she can match the look of your 3d waifu.

That is very unrealistic but sometimes 3d girls can be at per with 2d girls. And you should consider yourself to be lucky.

If you do not get the look of the 3d girl to match, then do not worry!

You have seen cosplays like?

[Best Fairy Tail Waifus]

Those people make the 2d anime waifus come to life.

Once in a while, your real girlfriend can do cosplay as well.

Apart from the looks they can try to mimic the behaviour and the way the anime girls move.

This is a way to convince a 3D waifu to be your 2D waifu.

This should work sometimes, probably.

However, making a custom waifu drawing by KawaiiWaifus is still the most easy and cost-effective way to go.

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