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How to marry your waifu – can you marry an anime character?

How to marry your waifu - is that even a sane thing to do? can you marry an anime character, here are the pros and cons of that!


How to Marry Your Waifu – Marry an Anime Character – Is that Even Sane?

Legally marrying your waifu is not possible so if you are wondering how to marry your waifu then you can not. At least on this earth. Waifus are from anime so they can not come down and sign to get legally married to you.

But if you really like your waifu, then you would make custom dakimakura for yourself. And spend your days with her. This is the closest you can get to your anime waifu physically.

Or you can try to be an Otaku manga artist who can always make naughty mangas with her favorite anime girls.

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How to Marry an Anime Character?

Akihiko Kondo from Tokyo did it. He got himself a large full-sized doll of Hatsune Miku. And he thinks he married her, but in reality, we all know that it is not possible legally. However, if you are into dakimakura, dolls and whatnot, then you can marry any anime character that you like.

However, companies like Gatebox are arranging marriage certificates between you and your anime waifu.

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Can You Marry a Fictional Character?

In your mind, in your dreams, you can marry a fictional character. But marriages are legal contracts so your anime girl can not sign it to make it real. But no one is stopping you from dreaming about your marrying your anime waifu.

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What Is Anime Marriage?

Anime marriage is known when an otaku marries his anime waifu. Which does not happen legally but can happen in your mind if you wish so.

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Why Otakus Love Anime Waifus?

Otakus love anime waifus because they do not find the qualities like beauty, strength, cuteness in real girls.

Otakus that are obsessed with their waifus do not believe in the flawed real world. They love their 2D girl so much that they ignore the 3d girls.

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Is It Possible to Marry a Body Pillow?

If you wish to marry your body pillow then nothing can stop you. But if you want to marry your body pillow legally then it can not happen. However, if you want to make a custom dakimakura design then you can make your own custom design here.

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💋 Is it possible to fall in love with an anime character?

It is possible to fall in love with an anime character. Anime is like reading a storybook, but you can see it. While we did not have TV, we used to read a lot of books, and often we liked one or two characters. Anime is similar to this, but it has more sex appeal, thus it is easy and very quick to fall in love with an anime character.

💋 Can you marry fictional characters in Japan?

There have been instances of men marrying their fictional loved ones. So you can marry an anime character in Japan.

💋 What makes you a Waifu?

If you are an anime-loving girl then you can be considered a waifu!

💋 Is it normal to want to marry a fictional character?

If you are obsessed with a female anime character then it is pretty normal to marry one. But it will not be a real marriage after all. Fictional characters can not come and sign your marriage registration papers.

💋 Is it okay to sexualize fictional characters?

Sex is real and one of the basic needs, thus sexualising an anime character is also real and normal. But spending more time on an anime girl than on real people will lead to isolation and other mental blocks.

💋 What is it called when you’re in love with an anime character?

Generally, you will be called a weeb who is in love with an anime character. You can also be called an Otaku if you love anime so much.

💋 How can I legally marry an anime character?

You can not marry an imaginary person legally. But a fantasy marriage can happen easily.

💋 Why are anime characters so hot?

Anime characters are always made hot with super model-like figures. After all, it is imaginary thus, so artists can make those female characters as they please.

💋 Is it OK to have a waifu?

It is Ok to have a waifu from any anime that you like. However, too much obsession with a fictional character can harm your real life.

💋 Can you have multiple Waifus?

Since anime waifus are imaginary, you can have many multiple waifus.

💋 How can I impress an anime girl?

You can not impress an anime girl since she can not communicate. But if a girl likes anime then you can surely connect with each other and try to impress her.

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