How to use dakimakura pillow! How daki pillow or waifu pillow got popular!

How to use dakimakura pillow? Can you use it for something else other than naughty things? How to use waifu pillow for healthy sleep :)

How to use dakimakura pillow! How daki pillow or waifu pillow got popular!

How to use dakimakura pillow? Can you use it for something else other than naughty things? How to use waifu pillow for healthy sleep 🙂

How to Use a Body Pillow! How to use Dakimakura [No naughty things]

A dakimakura is best suited for sleeping at night. The long shape covers a lot of areas and you can easily keep it between your thighs. This will make you happy, and you will get to have a good sleep.

Make sure to get your waifu printed on the body pillow.

Then it gets more fun, to be honest.

You should print both the front and back sides of your waifu on the body pillow cover.

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Get your Custom Dakimakura Body Pillow Case/Cover

What is a Dakimakura?

Dakimakura is a type of pillow that has become popular in Japan. The word “dakimakura” is a combination of the words “daki”, meaning to cling or hug, and “makura”, meaning pillow. They are typically large, 150 cm (59 inches) long and 50 cm (20 inches) wide.

They are commonly used by anime and manga fans as a way to show their love for characters from their favorite shows.

Dakimakura are often sold with anime girl printed on the front and the back side. Meaning you can always take a look at her face and her butt.

Dakimakura is probably the best way to get close to your waifu from this mortal world.


Why Use a Dakimakura?

Dakimakura are body pillows that have a print of a popular character on them. They became popular in Japan because they allow otaku to have a physical connection with their favorite characters. The pillow can also talk, which makes it even more lifelike for the user.

Very best body pillows are often made with memory foam. These memory foam body pillows are extremely comfortable to hug and sleep with.

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And with a good anime picture quality, you will really feel like you are with your waifu.

If you want a custom anime pillowcase design then you should contact us! We can make naughty dakimakura cases for you.

Dakimakura Commission Art

Benefits of a Body Pillow or Dakimakura

Dakimakura often used by Otakus as their waifu. Their waifu is an anime girl who can not be manifested in the real world.

And Dakimakura solves this issue.

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Dakimakura as a soft full sized body pillow might help curb the loneliness of Otakus and keep them calm.


Keep Calm and Hug Your Waifu

A hug is a physical gesture of affection in which two people press their bodies together and share an embrace. The effects of hugging are many, but some of the most notable are that it can help reduce stress, anxiety, and the severity of a cold.

[Washing Tips for your Dakimakura]

Hugging a body pillow can provide similar benefits to hugging a person, and placing a pillow between your knees keeps your body in a more relaxed state and supports healthy spinal alignment and posture.

And Dakimakura’s have the anime girl printed from both front and side.


No Restless Sleeping

A body pillow can help you become a side sleeper and reduce restless sleeping. A Daki pillow can help relieve pressure points along your body. A Dakimakura is an excellent tool for any back or stomach sleeper who wants to become a side sleeper and reduce restless sleeping.

A body pillow is a great way to relieve neck pain and pain in other parts of your body.

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A good number of people suffer from restless sleeping, which can be caused by many factors such as uncomfortable beds or stress.

A body pillow helps improve sleep quality by providing support for the head, neck, and spine.

This allows you to sleep in a more comfortable position without experiencing any pain.

Dakimakura Stops Snoring, Don’t Wake up Your Waifu

Sleeping on your side is the best way to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. When you sleep on your back, soft tissues in the throat can collapse and reduce airflow.

Sleeping on your side prevents this from happening. Additionally, using a body pillow that helps keep you in the side sleeping position can be helpful.


How Are Dakimakura Different from Body Pillows?

Dakimakura are body pillows that have a cover with a high-resolution image of a character or person.

Since these dakimakura have the waifu printed both in the front and back, they can resemble a person lying next to you.

Many waifu lovers

They are similar to Western orthopedic body pillows, but they are commonly used by Japanese youth as “comfort objects”.

This is because the daki pillow provides a sense of familiarity and comfort, which can be helpful for those who are struggling with homesickness or anxiety.

The paintings of dakimakura require high precision and size of canvas, making them a challenging but highly rewarding project.


Dakimakura are popular among anime and manga fans because they offer a way to collect and display artwork in a single, cohesive package.

Dakimakura often provides a real-life-sized image of your favourite anime girl on a body pillow.

This gives an impression of your waifu in the real world that you can touch.

Dakimakura also became popular because they are an easy way to economize on space and cost – you can fit more dakimakura than traditional pillows in your bedroom, and they’re often less expensive than purchasing several individual pillowcases.

Taking care of your waifu pillow

How to Wash Body Pillow?

If your dakimakura becomes dirty, it is important to clean it properly to maintain its condition. Always check the tag on the pillow for care instructions, and if it is stained, you can try soaking it in a mild detergent before rinsing and drying it.

To remove the stain, you can use a wet cloth to rub it off while it is submerged in soapy water. This will remove the stain mark of anything.

How to Dry a Dakimakura?

There are a few ways to dry a dakimakura, but the most important thing to remember is to always check the care instructions on the tag.

If it’s stained, you can soak it in a mild detergent and rinse before using a fan or air-conditioner to dry.

If it’s dirty, you can machine wash it on cold with like colors together and then hang it to dry (north side out). If machine washing isn’t an option, then dry cleaning may be necessary depending on your location.


What’s the point of a dakimakura?

Dakimakura is a comfort pillow with your favourite waifu image on it. Often this image is custom drawn, and often this waifu image is explicit. Waifu lovers get these body pillows custom-made and then they imagine that they are sleeping with waifus.

How should you sleep with a body pillow?

Best position to sleep with dakimakura would be to place it in between your legs and lay in a side position. You can also decide if you want to face your waifu printed on the pillow or the back side of the waifu.

Are dakimakura comfortable?

Dakimakura are comfortable since they are made with premium materials. And they also carry some emotional attachments as well. They have the anime girl printed from the back and front on 2 sides of the dakimakura. Thus the waifu lover thinks that this dakimakura is the closest thing that he can get to her anime girl.

Why do people want body pillows?

For a lonely Otaku, a dakimakura body pillow is his anime girl’s body. This is a good way for them to think that the 2d anime girl is here, with him, in his room. Dakimakura also have both sides printed to accommodate the front and back of the anime women.

Does hugging a pillow release oxytocin?

Hugging a body pillow will make you happy. It is soft, squeshy and has your waifu’s full body printed on it. This will surely make any Otaku happy.

What size dakimakura should I get?

You should get the largest sized dakimakura. 150*50cm or 160*50 cm sizes are good to have.

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