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Is Hinata stronger than Sakura – Who has the edge?

Is hinata stronger than sakura - HInata fans would jump and say yes, but they forget one thing!


Is Hinata stronger than Sakura?

Hinata can see and attack chakra points, where Sakura has absolute chakra control. Who is the strongest?

While beauty and cuteness are subjective. Stats do not lie. Read the piece below to find out who is stronger between Hinata and Sakura.

If you are wondering Is Hinata stronger than Sakura then you have considered this first –

Is sakura stronger than Hinata in boruto?

If this is between the Hinata and Sakura as they are in Boruto then Sakura wins. Sakura is stronger than Hinata in Boruto series. Hinata as a housewife is no match for Sakura who is still doing duty and we have seen her smash some villains too.

If this is between Hinata and Sakura as they were in Naruto series, then Hinata has some chance of wins. But Sakura trained by Tsunade has become a great fighter and not laid back like Hinata.

Byakugan princess should have no trouble defeating a Kunoichi like Sakura, but the fight will not be one-sided. Sakura is no slouch and should be able to put up a great fight and defeat your waifu, Hinata.

So chances of winning of Hinata depends on her will to fight.

So I would say Sakura will win when they were in the Naruto series as well. But in this case, Sakura has to be very fast and adapt to Taijutsu.

Hygua clan always trains in Taijutsu they can get close and cut down the Chakra and destroy enemies from inside. We have seen Neji hyuga try this in chunin exams.

If Hinata can reach Sakura’s body, then Sakura does not win. But if you compare foot speed or running speed both of these women are probably at the same level as of Naruto series.

Sakura’s best bet will be to be superfast and one-shot Hinata. And I am sure she is aware of all the abilities of the Hyuga clan and will find a way to punch Hinata through. 

On the other hand we have seen Sakura being tossed around too much. And Hinata being labelled as the strongest of the Hyuga clan might do it with ease as well.

Is Hinata stronger than Sakura – A Reality Check

As per my analysis Sakura is way stronger than Hinata. But if it is a fight, Hinata might have some chances, she has byakugan, impressive taijutsu and can do forbid Jutsu of Hyuga clan. She is a princess, after all.

On the other hand, Sakura is an underdog. She has no special Jutsu, she is not a princess. It is all hard work, and she surpassed her mentor by pure training.

Many would say if HInata continued to be an active ninja or trained then she would be way stronger than Sakura, but she did not. She does not have any feats apart from being the Kawaii Waifu of the Hokage.

Can Sakura beat Hinata?

During a fight, Sakura has an 80% chance of winning against Hinata. She has the experience, she is strong as we see in Boruto and is a hard worker. Where has Hinata has only 20% chances of winning? Hinata might be strong, but she has fewer feats, and she is not a fighter. She is a lover and a cute waifu that is for sure.

There are too many factors that are against Hinata, your princess does not win. She is not a warrior.

You might say I am biased about Sakura’s winning but…

It was Sakura who landed some blows on Kaguya and was trying her best to keep up with overpowered Naruto and Sasuke.

Where was Hinata then?

She was probably being cute somewhere and preparing to become a Waifu like she is now. She had great potential, but we do not see it much.

But you might say Sakura was crying when Naruto was fighting pain…

Yeah, she was not strong like she is now. And obviously not in love with Naruto to jump in front of pain.

Hinata definitely has some mental strength and resolve to fight.

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But whatever, we like both of them. Perhaps we like Hinata more as a waifu and not the fighting ninja.

I am sure you would not want your waifu to punch you, unless you are Sasuke.

Rather, a gentle yet strong soul like Hinata is perfect for a waifu.

But do not anger her, her byakugan will see through you, and she will easily knock you down!

Is Hinata better than Sakura?

Hinata is a better waifu who can take care of a home as we see it in Boruto. But she is not a better fighter than Sakura. Check the scores as given by me below. There is an official data chart as well.

Who wins Sakura vs Hinata?


Physical Strength

Sakura: 5/5

Hinata: 1.5/5


Sakura: 3/5

Hinata: 2/5


Sakura: 2.5/5

Hinata: 3.5/5

Stamina/Healing Capabilities

Sakura: 5/5

Hinata: 1/5


Sakura: 2.5/5

Hinata: 1/5

Combat Experience

Sakura: 3/5

Hinata: 2/5

Combat Style

Sakura: 2/5

Hinata: 3/5


Sakura: 23

Hinata: 14

These scores are allotted as per my understanding. You might differ and can tell me in the comments!

Here is an actual datasheet by the creators: Can Sakura beat Hinata? YES, SHE CAN.

hinata vs sakura

Is Hinata more powerful than Sakura?

Power means Strength and speed. While Hinata might have the same speed as Sakura, but physically Sakura is way stronger thus Sakura is powerful than Hinata.

But also note, Hinata is more advanced than Sakura and has diverse powers including Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Transformations. Hinata is also considered stronger when it comes to fighting in the long term and has some mid-range attacking jutsu as well.

In the manga, Hinata is seen as a beautiful girl who also has an ocular jutsu that allows her to evade all Sakura’s attacks. In this way, she is considered more powerful than other members of the clan because it takes skill and power to use such a technique effectively.

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Who is the strongest Hyuga?

The Hyuga are known for their powerful fighting styles. The branch-off families are willing to lay down their lives for the members of the main family. Despite this, Neji has never been able to surpass Gentle Fist with his power level.

Hinata is also a member of the clan, and she has shown great strength in her Byakugan activation speed and accuracy rates. Although it’s not certain who is stronger, it seems that Hinata would be more likely than Neji because she can keep up with Gentle Fist.

Sakura has always been one of the strongest Ninja in Naruto, especially after her special training. But Hinata was able to make her own name with strength and perseverance. She is one of the few people who was inspired by Naruto deeply.

Hinata also demonstrates that she can hold her own against powerful enemies like Pain because she fought with him during his invasion of Konoha where he killed most of its citizens.

Who is the strongest kunoichi?

You might smile in the joy that Hinata is the strongest Hyuga. But arguably the strongest female ninja is Sakura. She is not from a noble clan or anything, but she is the strongest kunoichi through hard work.

Does Hinata win a fight?

I do not remember Hinata wining a fight. She has not been into fights much. She does have some awesome techniques and skills, but she is not a fighter type.

What’s Hinata’s strongest jutsu?

Hinata’s strongest Jutsu is a technique only taught to the main branch members of the Hyuga clan. It is a technique that requires both hands and was Hinata’s strongest at the end of Shippuden. It is called The Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists.

Can Hinata see 360 degree?

Byakugan, a dōjutsu that enables all Hyuga 360 vision. Hinata, the strongest hyuga has infrared vision and has super magnification as well.

Is Hinata prettier than Sakura?

People see Hinata as more feminine than Sakura, thus she appears to be more pretty. That is why Hinata is always a top waifu choice for many. But she has a personality that’s different from Sakura. Her hair is also different from Sakura.

Despite not having many combat scenes in the series, Hinata has shown that she is able to hold her ground against powerful enemies such as PAIN at different points throughout the manga.

Is Hinata faster than Sakura?

Since she is a housewife now, I do not believe that she is faster than Sakura. In Naruto she might have the same speed as Sakura and she was definitely better in taijutsu.

Is Hinata weaker in Boruto?

In Boruto, being a housewife, she is bound to lose some of her fighting skills due to not being in practice. Thus, she is definitely weaker than her former self. But still, she has the byakugan, and she was once known as the strongest in her clan.



If you compare filler episodes, boruto movies, Naruto movies, and their love story you will see even if Hinata is trained well and said being the strongest in her clan she does not have many feats.

Whereas, coming from a regular family, Sakura has gained immense strength and skills and even crossed Tsunade in that area.

No matter what you say, in this fight, Sakura wins. But, as with all fights, data does not determine the outcome. So take it with a pinch of salt.

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