Buy JJK Waifu Sticker

Buy JJK Waifu Stickers

Here you will find all the lewd waifu stickers with the JJK waifus. Some notable JJK waifus are Nobara Kugisaki Waifu, Maki Zenin etc.

Feature of our Jujutsu Waifu Stickers!

  • Our JJK waifu stickers are all lewd in nature.
  • These anime girl stickers have a matte finish and visible under strong light.
  • Our stickers are made with vinyl, these stickers are waterproof and very durable.
  • You can use these anime waifu decals outdoors and indoors. These decals come with waterproof adhesive.
  • Our waifu decals should last for at least 6 years or more.
  • Sizes of our stickers start from 2*2 to up to 6*6 inches.

Returns and Returns are not accepted, but if you receive a faulty item, contact me and I will arrange a replacement.

We make and deliver the stickers from US. It will take 10-15 days for US addresses and for the rest of the world it may take 10-30 days.

Generally, delivery should be much quicker.

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