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Makima and Gojo | makima x gojo – How would that be?

Makima and Gojo - either they would be friends or a couple or be enemies. What if they become a pair, or they fight to the death!


Makima and Gojo | makima x gojo

The internet has gone insane with Makima and Gojo | makima x gojo stories, images and merchandise. But we can only imagine what would have happened in the deathmatch of Gojo vs Makima.

However, to me if there is a match like Jujutsu kaisen X Chainsaw man then the Chainsaw world wins.

They are devils with peculiar powers against sorcerers.

The Sorcerers might win as well, but I feel the chances are slim.

Makima vs Gojo Fight

Let’s see what could happen in a fight between two of the strongest characters of this time.

How can Makima win?

Her hand pistol would send Gojo flying out of the earth. With infinity, it might not damage him, but might be able to push him away.

Gojo can not really kill her. Killing her means killing Japanese citizens. Gojo can not be that heartless for killing innocent citizens of Japan.

Makima can kill Gojo easily if she is prepared for the fight. All she needs is a human life to kill him with her sacrifice ritual. Infinity defense can not stop it.

Since Makima can control humans who she feels are below her, she might try to control another human to join the fight against Gojo. A fellow sorcerer may be. This would make the fight way harder then.

Odds against Makima

Makima can control humans if she feels that a human being is a lesser being than her. But with Gojo that will not happen. Gojo is not a normal human.

Makima can transfer the damages done to her to the people of Japan. Gojo is from Japan so she can transfer the damage and that will kill him?

Not really. While Gojo lives in Japan, this Japan is different from the Makima verse.

Makima and Gojo live in a different dimension/world, so Gojo will not get killed by this damage transfer power.

Makima has a cool human sacrifice method, but it would not work if Gojo and Makima just met suddenly.

This sacrifice needs you to have humans. Also, I am not sure if this human sacrifice technique can get past Gojo’s infinity.

Makima can try to physically attack him, but I doubt if they would be able to touch him.

Anything else devilish she tries can be reversed by Gojo.

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How can Gojo win?

If his domain expansion can cut off Makima’s power and she can not transfer the damage to a Japanese citizen then Gojo would win.

Gojo can use the reverse curse technique to get rid of Makima’s power. Then use hollow purple to kill her. This way she can not transfer the damage and gets resurrected.

Gojo can kill her 127 million times, he is that strong. No matter the times she resurrected, he can kill her.

A domain expansion might confuse Makima with all that information. Can this break her down mentally?

Odds against Gojo

Gojo’s infinity will not stop the various attacks that Makima has that do not require traveling.

Any damage done against Makima gets transferred to a random Japanese citizen. Gojo has to kill 127 million times.

Gojo has to do a surprise attack against her. Makima’s ritual should be able to kill him if Makima gets some preparation time.

Final Conclusion

In this battle, Makima vs Gojo can end up in a stalemate. This can be a draw, and they can marry and live happily ever after.

But Makima can return to kill him with her ritual. Thus, if Gojo can sense she can do something like that, they will do everything to kill her.

When Gojo was born, the balance of this universe was changed, I believe he can kill her if their fight has no preparation involved.

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