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Makima chainsaw man quotes

Here are 8 best Makima Chainsaw man quotes!

This waifu is cunning and manipulative, and she would love to keep you as a pet. Otherwise, who knows what she will do.

Presently she is using Denji. She promises him a romantic and sexual relationship but threatens him, if he disobeys him.

She kind of has a crush on the chainsaw man, Btw. And she would kill to control chainsaw man.

She has tons of physical abilities and a lot of powerful supernatural abilities.

These powers make her someone who cannot even be controlled by Gojo (from JJK) as per some people.

And she has a contract which transfers all the damages done to her, to any random Japanese citizen.

Makima as a waifu, will keep you on your toes, will demand your life and everything that you have. And by her charm and manipulation, you might willingly give her everything.

Only answer with “Yes” or “Woof”, I don’t need a dog who says “No”.

Only answer with “Yes” or “Woof”, I don’t need a dog who says “No”

Makima by Chainsaw man

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All devils are born with a name - Makima, Chainsaw man

All devils are born with a name. The more that name is feared, the more powerful the devil itself.

Makima by Chainsaw man
Naughty Things Makima

Naughty things feel better the more you know your partner

Makima by Chainsaw man
Work together Makima Chainsaw man

We’ll be working together until death do us apart.

Makima by Chainsaw man

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The necessary evil Makima, Chainsaw Man

The necessary evil you speak of, is just an excuse to justify the evil things you do. Society has no need for that excuse.

Makima by Chainsaw man
Chainsaw man anime

“I wish to use the Chainsaw Man in order to create the better world. Consider… death, war, hunger. There are many things in this world that would increase happiness upon removal. And I will remove them all using Chainsaw Man’s Power.”

Makima by Chainsaw man
I like humans quote by Makima

I like humans. In the same way that humans are so fond of dogs. They’re loyal, easily handled, clever and stupid. Just watching them is fun. And also, they love me.”

Makima by Chainsaw man
A corpse is talking

A corpse is talking.

Makima by Chainsaw man

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Chainsawman writer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatsuki_Fujimoto

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