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My hero Waifu Stickers – MHA Waifus/BNHA Waifus

Hero Academy has tons of waifu material girls. There is Momo yaoyorozu waifu, himiko toga waifu, mina ashido waifu, tsuyu asui waifu, there is this invisible girl and ochako uraraka waifu.

But with our dark desires, we weebs seem to love Toga more.

She with her childish yet evil smile has stolen our hearts. But she is caring as well unless she is out for your blood.

Here are high-quality My hero academy stickers which are bright, colorful and waterproof.

These waifu stickers are lewd and NSFW just the way you want!

Why buy bnha waifu stickers from us?

Our mha waifu stickers are nsfw and contains all the favorite bnha waifus.

These hero academia waifu stickers are made from vinyl, this makes them durable and waterproof.

Our stickers have a UV protectie layer thus the color does not fades away at all.

These stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our stickers are easy to peel off and use on any surface.

You can use them on cars, laptop, phone cover etc.

We do not accept any return or exchanges but if you receive a damaged item then I will replace them.

Our delivery will take around 10-15 days for US addresses.

For Rest of the world, it make take 20-30 business days.

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