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My dress up darling review

My dress up darling review - a rom com anime with a hint of lewdness and the only anime with a cosplay theme!

My dress up darling review – A rom com anime with fan service!

My dress up darling is becoming very popular and while watching it, I guess I should make a review post to tell you that no child should be allowed to watch it.

And I should also tell you that if you like Cosplay, then you will love it, since that is the main theme of this new anime!

But we are no child, so even with that explicit warning, we are good to go.

And even with that explicit warning sign, my dress up darling is good to watch rom-com anime with some fan service thrown in here and there.

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My Dress Up Darling is a manga and anime about a high school girl named Marin Kitagawa who loves cos playing.

The story is based on her wanting to try cosplaying as her favorite character, which leads to some hilarious situations. The artwork is lovely, and the characters are well-developed.

Her favorite character is Shizuku-tan from Slippery girls game. Sounds weird? Because the show is. Marin Kitagawa is into unusual shows that she should not watch at her age, after all.

And Marin wants to buy Slipper girls 2 game as well.

And among all this Gojo is completely unaware if something like this exists but I guess he will have to learn the ropes from her.

As for the other main character, Gojo, making clothes for dolls is a hobby of his. However, he has a fear of judgment, so he has never shown anyone his work before Marin.

Surprisingly, Marin was delighted and fascinated by his hobby when she saw it, which encouraged him to continue pursuing it.

He is also kind of an introvert with fewer friends and he does not want to expose his hobby either.

My Dress up darling Review
My Dress up darling Review – taking measurements

Wakana’s traumatic childhood experience was a secret until Marin Kitagawa discovered it. Wakana makes dolls for people who are like him: loners. He wants to make them feel loved and accepted.

Those dolls are known as Hina dolls, antique dolls in Japan.

But one day Marin saw him sewing and thus jumped on him to make her cosplay dresses. She has this cosplay hobby, was not able to do much since she does not have cloth-making skills.

But with him, she can dress up in all the way she wants. This is where the story begins.

This is how they became friends. Or something else?

There are feelings, romance, and all the types of stupidity that we all love in a rom com anime.

And when Gojou dreams you will see more of the lewd stuff for which the anime got an explicit rating.

This manga is definitely unique in comparison to other manga and anime. I recommend it for the uniqueness of the story and characters. Unfortunately, there is no anime or manga that tells the story of My Dress-Up Darling.

Because there is no anime or manga that is based on cosplay.

The anime just started, and you will see many sides of these two characters and more of their classmates.

Marin Kitagawa relationship

Marin is the popular long-legged beautiful teenager and Gojo is the loner with a hobby that he does not share.

Marin and Gojou are perfect for each other. They come from different backgrounds and have different looks, but that is what makes their relationship so beautiful. They are able to write their own story and aren’t bound by societal norms.

In the third episode of the cosplay shopping series “My Dress Up Darling” Marin tries on some dresses and reviews them for the viewers. And he gives her honest opinion on whether or not they are worth buying.

Their conversations are great in this episode.

And this 3rd ep, you can consider this as an first date as well.

When it comes to Gojou you will always think of Gojo sensei from JJK but there is a heaven and hell difference between them.

Anyways, Marin and Gojo are the perfect pairings. Marin is bubbly, energetic, honest and respectful which makes her the perfect partner for Gojo who can be a little more serious at times.

They like to gush about their hobbies and interests, and it’s clear that they have a lot of fun together.

Key points from many other reviewers!

  • Many reviewers enjoyed the light-hearted and sweet story.
  • Some reviewers found the characters complex and enjoyable to follow.
  • While some reviewers found the female love interest problematic, others found her charming.
  • The plot of the seinen manga is interesting and the art is beautiful.
  • Leans too much into fanservice for some users’ tastes, but details about cosplay and doll making are lovely.

Makima chainsaw man quotes

Here is how the story of My Dress up darling builds up!

The story of My Dress up darling is one of a young artisan who follows in the footsteps of his family. Wakana is 15 years old and has been interested in dolls and dress up since he was very young. 

Unlike many kids his age, Wakana doesn’t have any friends and is horrible at socializing with the opposite sex. Instead, he dedicates all his time to creating beautiful dolls and outfits for them. He is a normal high schooler who just happens to love making dolls more than anything else.

Marin Kitagawa is another normal high schooler. She wears short skirts and have long legs and wants to be a model. Marin becomes more and more desperate to cosplay but has no idea where to start. 

She talks in riddles so her friend doesn’t know what she’s talking about! In the end, her friend helps her find a costume and they have a great time together.

She also has some interest in BDSM activities and in erotic video games. Marin is a minor though.

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The story of My Dress up darling is one of ambition and hard work. Our protagonist is proud of her interests, which sometimes gets her into trouble.

However, her ambition outstrips her skills; fortunately, she’s matched with a doll maker boy who helps her achieve what she wants.

In the story, Fukuda does a great job of creating a contrast between the two opposite characters.

This is done through their dialogue and actions, which helps readers understand their personalities.

The art also helps readers do the same by breathing easy despite their odd affinities.


Is My Dress-Up Darling explicit?

It is about a dressmaker named Wakana Gojo and his friend Marin. Marin asks Gojo to make her cosplay dresses. And those dresses are from erotic stories and Marin herself has some interest in BDSM activities and games so My dress-up darling is rated M and is for matures only.

Is My Dress-Up Darling mature?

Yes, the plot of the story revolves around a mature storyline and comes with enough fan service so My dress-up darling is a mature manga or anime series.

Is My Dress-Up Darling anime a romance?

My dress-up darling is a rom con anime, and you can also call this is a slice of life anime as well. This also contains some lewd stories and scenes that you should watch out for.

What anime is Marin Kitagawa?

Marin is in My Dress up Darling anime. Where her character loves cosplay and naughty erotic games.

Final Thoughts

The idea of a high school girl doing cosplay and another teen boy sewing is great. But many would not like the fan service and lewd manga panels here. After all the characters are underage here.


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