Custom Anime Acrylic Keychain, Anime Waifu Keychain [ 6 Styles]


Custom Keychains, Cartoon Acrylic Key Chain, Photo Customized Anime Charms, Hologram Clear Personalized Designer Car Keychains, Anime Waifu Keychains.
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Any design can be customized as a keychain.
– Anime fanart / OC
– Cartoon Characters
– SFW/NSFW Designs
– Gaming Characters
– Any favorite designs

How can I customize my own exclusive key chain?

    1. Tell us the quantity and size required

    2. Check the following styles to confirm the style

    3. Contact us for a quotation

    4. Confirm the price and place the order

    5. Confirm design drawings

    6. Production and delivery

Quality of the Acrylic Keychain

⚫ Keychain accessories are absolutely free. Please select the accessory number while placing the order.

We have 6 types of acrylic keychain styles.

  1. Clear Style
  2. Epoxy Style
  3. Glitter Epoxy Style
  4. Hologram Star Style
  5. Holo Diamond Style
  6. Holo Rainbow Style

⚫ Various sizes are available.

⚫ High-Quality Printing and Vibrant looking keychain.

⚫ Made with 3mm thick acrylic material.

⚫ The edges are very smooth.

⚫ Both sides printing and effects on 1 side.

Processing and Delivery Time:
2 weeks for processing time and 2 weeks for delivery.


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Custom Anime Acrylic Keychain - Waifu Keychain
Custom Anime Acrylic Keychain, Anime Waifu Keychain [ 6 Styles]