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Here are top 14 Rias Gremory Quotes from the anime High school DXD.

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14 Rias Gremory Quotes

Rias gremory quotes 1

We haven’t lost yet! You lose when you’ve given up

Rias gremory quotes 2

The first strike decides the battle

Rias gremory quotes 3

Devote your life to me.

Rias gremory quotes 4

If you’re dying anyway, I’ll take you.

Rias gremory quotes 5

I will not show mercy if you mess with him.

Rias gremory quotes 6

My name is Rias Gremory. And I am a Devil.

Rias gremory quotes 7

Pawns are important. They’re not the weakest piece in the game by any means.

Rias gremory quotes 8

If a pawn advances deep enough into the enemy’s territory, it can be promoted to any other piece besides the king

Rias gremory quotes 9

Ise. I love you…… I love you more than anyone else…

Rias gremory quotes 10

If you can get stronger and feel comfort by touching my breast, then I don’t mind being a Switch-Princess. The Switch-Princess that only belongs to you. If I can become the source of your power, then that will fulfill my wish. 

Rias gremory quotes 11

A world without him! I don’t care about the World without Ise! ……To me, he was….. that person was….. He was more important than anyone else. For me to live without him

Rias gremory quotes 12

Now my adorable servants! Let’s blow away the enemy before us as the Gremory group!

Rias gremory quotes 13

Geez… You’re an honest kid with perverted thoughts too. Ufufu~♥”

Rias gremory quotes 14

Insulting my servants warrants death!


These Rias gremory quotes are collected from manga and anime. There might be many more quotes that I have missed.

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