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Top 20 Best Pokemon Waifu

Who is the Best Pokemon Waifu? Serena ranks the top in this case but Dawn took the pokemon world by storm as well!

Pokemon has waifus?

Yes, it is more than just some pokemons showing off their powers in battles!

Pokemon waifu is a thing and there are many pokemon waifu that you would battle for.

But who is the best pokemon waifu?

Serena seems to be the most favorite and best pokemon waifu of all time. We feel Dawn and May are the second and third most popular pokemon waifu. This Pokemon Waifu rankings are based on our choice.

What do you think?

Here are the top 20 pokemon waifu for you!

  1. Serena
  2. Dawn
  3. May
  4. Misty
  5. Cynthia
  6. Lusamine
  7. Sabrina
  8. Oleana
  9. Hilda
  10. Rosa
  11. Kris
  12. Jessie
  13. Bea
  14. Sonia
  15. Iris
  16. Professor Ivy
  17. Prima
  18. Delia Ketchum
  19. Diantha
  20. Nurse Joy


Serena appears both in anime and games. The game version of her seems to be older and beautiful.

She wears a thigh high black stocking with a red pleated skirt and black top. She wears a matching red hat as well.

She has fair skin tone and slender slim body with long legs. Who loves waifu with long legs they will love Serena as their pokemon waifu. 😉


Some fans had hoped the new character would be a version of Misty but she was not. Nonetheless, May is a good pokemon trainer as well.

She is a slim girl with brown long hair. May definitely looks very beautiful and has a thing for eating fast food. She always finds the best places to eat.

May often gets frustrated with Brock who falls in love with every girl he met.

If you have a knack for food and pokemon then you can make a pair.


Misty is the first friend that Ash made and she is the first waifu of many pokemon lover. All have dreamt of going on an adventures with her at some point.

Aside from Jessie, Misty is another popular character of The Pokémon Series. Her fans adore her from Johto to Kanto region since her voice actress introduced the character in 1999. She is a loving Pokémon trainer and Cerulean City gym leader, and she is always flirty and cute to admire.

Furthermore, Misty’s design is a classic. She looks amazing in her swimsuit, her Alolan outfit, and her shorts. She also looks very athletic/ active in her tank top.

If you like a girl who is a tomboy yet caring then you would love Misty!


Dawn is a young pokemon waifu. She is fair and blue eyes and dark blue hair.

As a young girl, she learned about Pokémon and became interested in becoming a Pokémon trainer. She also wanted to become a top coordinator like her mother.

She wears a mini dress with a top. She also wears a beanie. She first appeared in the Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. Her nature is very kind & joyful, people have liked her and even like her now.

She received her first pokemon Piplub from Professor Rowan & started her Pokemon training journey with Ash Ketchum and Brock.


She debuted in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl anime series as a main character, but she made her first appearance in the Pokémon Black and White games. The name Cynthia comes from the Latin word for moon. She was created by Shigeki Morimoto, who has also introduced Iris and Cilan.

Cynthia is well-respected as well as becoming a comrade. She’s been going through a lot since her boyfriend’s Pokémon Amber, who was stolen by Team Magma, left her. She’s lost her best friend, her Pokémon, and her boyfriend because of the theft. She’s been through a lot, but she remains well-balanced.

Cynthia’s grief over her Pokémon loss deepens her role in the series. In Black and White, she joins Black

She is the strongest pokemon trainer and she wears a nice dress and looks great in it.


Lusamine appeared in the Sun and Moon tv show as a mother who is looking for her husband.

She has a nice hair and style and she is one of the best looking mothers in the pokemon show. We have also seen her portraying as a villain in the pokemon games.

Villain or not Lusamine is a pokemon waifu that many secretly wish to have.


Sabrina pokegirl

Sabrina first appeared in the Pokémon the Series: Advanced. Ash and the gang had seen a literal child version of Sabrina before her second older self. 

Ash battles Sabrina in a Pokémon battle. Ash is unable to battle Sabrina and her Pokémon in the normal way. 

If you do not mind a waifu that talks through her doll then, do not wait to claim her as your waifu.



Oleana is a mature character from pokemon. Her blond hair, red dress and high heels are enough to make otakus go weak in their knees.

Oleana is the secretary of chairman Rose. She was first introduced in Generation VIII. She is a tall women with a nice figure. She has fair skin, greenish eyes and she is a blonde.

Although she is intelligent and has a calm nature, she sometimes does get angry and fierce.

If you want a loving and fierce waifu then she is the one.

Oleana is one of the hottest waifus from pokemon series.


Hilda appears in Pokemon Black and White, Generation V. She is strong player in pokemon. Her name in german literally means battle.

She is a tall, slender young woman with long dark brown hair tied up as a ponytail. She has beautiful blue eyes. She wears a hat and a white top with a black waistcoat. She wears a pair of jeans with white tears on them and a pair of black ankle boots with pink lace and soles. She carries a pink messenger bag.

A lover of long legs would love Hilda as a waifu.


Rose is a playable character from Black 2 and White 2. Rosa is a slim and tall girl with long brown hair. Her hair tied into two large buns with 2 pigtails. She probably wears a pink bikini top under a white sweater top and a yellow mini skirt. Naughty you, trying to imagine how she would look like. :p

Rosa wears tight stocking like black leggings. She wears a pair of white sport shoes with yellow laces.

She is a great waifu to have if you like Pokemon.


Crystal or Kris is a female playable character from Pokemon Crystal. She was the first playable female character.

Kris wears yellow half pants with green lines and a red shirt. Her hair separated into two spiked ponytails. Her hair & eyes are teal blue.

She was the first playable waifu and you will like her.


Jessie is one of the most popular female characters of all time. 

She was the first female character in the series who has a major role in the plot line. She was introduced in the second generation of the show back in January 1996, and has been with the show ever since. 

Jessie with team rocket has done amazing stuff and without them, the show might be boring as well.

Jessie is one of the pokemon waifu who got really popular very early days of the website.

She wears a skirt, a short top exposing her mid-body and her smile.

If you can handle her tantrums then she is your pokemon waifu.


Bea is a fighting type pokemon trainer and also a gym leader. She first appeared in Generation VIII. She dresses like a pro fighter and you can tell she is very strong.

She hails from the Galar region and you have to be careful if she is your waifu.

Bea has a muscular, slender figure. She has a tanned skin with gray eyes and bob cut styled gray hair. She wears a see-through dress at her mid body so you can see her abs and waist.

If you like a fighter then you would love Bea as pokemon waifu.



Sonia has a slender figure and fair skin. She shows off a large pony tail and her hair is of ginger colour. She is an adult and she first appears in Generation VIII. She takes the place of her grandmother as a professor.

She wears a tan-colored trench coat with four buttons, a teal blouse, and light blue skinny jeans. She wears a pair of teal green & black high heeled boots.

If you are into intelligent women then you would really love her as your pokemon waifu.


Iris was one of the travelling companion of Ash. She appears in the Unova region.

Iris has dark skin and she is on the skinner side of life. Her pony tail resembles the petals of an Iris blossom. She has long purple hair, tied back with thick ponytail. Teen/adult Iris appeared on Thrash of the Titans. Goh thought that she was a pokemon 😛

She is a strong pokemon waifu.

Professor Ivy

Professor Ivy exudes a mature type of feminine appeal. The first shot of her in the anime lifts us right out of the anime without stopping. She appears in a sexy one-piece swimsuit and sports a lab coat and glasses. Ivy didn’t look like the girl who’d be super sweet to her husband and cook him dinner. Her tired, half-opened eyes and cheerful smile turned us all into her creepy stalker.


Prima pokegirl


Prima is ice cool and always seem disinterested which makes her more desirable. She is also known has Lorelei in the video games.

She wears a top and a pencil skirt which makes her those office lady. She has a great figure and she is full of attitude.

In the shoe in among the otakus you will find those who wants her to be their waifu!

Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum

Despite having to give up her aspirations of being a model and a trainer herself, Delia is always cheerful and welcoming to everyone. She often gets involved in the lives of others and is well versed in fashion and beauty.

Delia packs a good bite and is always welcoming but isn’t as patient with the lighter-hearted Ash as the original veterinary.

She has brown eyes and a slender figure.


Diantha wears a fairy like outfit and she has light brown hair and blue eyes. She first appears in Pokemon X and Y and she is an actress.

Her fairy dress with golden trim looks very beautiful and calm.

If you like a fairy waifu then she is for you.

Nurse Joy

Last but not the list, Nurse Joy is one of the oldest pokemon waifu that you can dream of. But you might have to fight with the stone pokemon gym trainer. I hope you win. We saw in pokemon series, every time Brock met nurse Joy, he flirted with her :p

Like any other nurse, her outfit is simple yet she looks good in it. Her nature is so kind and always ready to help whenever needed.

Her design has changed later though but personally, I have always liked the old character design the same as well.

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