Buy Tsunade Waifu Stickers

Lady Tsunade is known for her gambling and sake addiction! If you like these traits then you got yourself a mature waifu of divine beauty!

Buy Tsunade Waifu Stickers

Lady Tsunade stickers are always a fan favorite.

Our Tsunade stickers are lewd and capture her feminine beauty perfectly.

These Tsunade stickers are easy to apply, are waterproof and should withstand the sun and rain easily.

Most of the Tsunade stickers are available in various sizes including 4*4,5*5,6*6 inches.

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Features of our Tsunade Stickers

  • Almost all of them are NSFW, lewd stickers.
  • These stickers capture her beauty perfectly.
  • These ninja stickers are made with durable vinyl so they should last for 6 years at least.
  • Since these stickers are waterproof you can use them outdoors as well.
  • Our waifu stickers have UV protective layer so the colors will not fade.
  • Stickers are all made with vibrant colors and have a matte finish.

Return Policy And Support

Returns & exchanges Not accepted, please contact me if you have problems with your order. If the product is damaged, will replace 100%

Product shipping

> All the physical products will be delivered within 10-15 business days. For rest of the world, the delivery for physical products might take 10-30 business days.

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