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Waifus are for Losers – Not really you live in reaity

If you are not a loner and do not hate real girls then waifus are for Losers. Having a waifu while you have a real girlfriend is also acceptable.

Waifus are for Losers

Every Otaku has their personal waifus, These 3D girls are the objects of their affections.

However, I would like to go a step further and explain what they are, why they are and why they’re bad.

If having waifu makes you stay in your room all day long, I you are not socializing with others. If you are not into real girls or having a real girlfriend or waifu then waifus are a bad thing.

But if you are leading your life like any normal person and have some fantasies with an anime girl then that is fine.

If you are not the second person then definitely waifus are for losers.

By denying reality you are denying yourself to have a good life.

How to marry your waifu

What if you really fall in Love with a Waifu?

Many people view waifus as a sign of loneliness or desperation. They may see it as a cry for help or an indication that the person is unable to find a real-life partner. Some will even mock those who have waifus, calling them “losers” or other derogatory terms.

Nevertheless, there are people who think that having a waifu is bad for you. They believe that you cannot really fall in love with an imaginary character and that it will only lead to heartache. But, as someone who has a waifu myself, I do not consider it to be a bad thing. My waifu makes me happy and I am able to share my life with her. We both get something out of the relationship and I would never call it a waste of time.

A waifu is a virtual character that someone falls in love with and, contrary to popular belief, they are not the same as having a real girlfriend. While it is important to have a healthy relationship with the woman you also love with all your heart, that doesnt stop you from having a waifu. In fact, many people in real relationships have waifus and there is nothing wrong with that.Tsunade Shower curtain

Tsunade Shower Curtain


What’s the deal with Waifus?

Waifus are fictional female characters who are often gorgeous and likeable. Waifus are mostly female characters from anime. And Otakus or lovers of anime adore them.

Can you have a girlfriend and a waifu?

You can have a 3d or real girlfriend and waifu. But do not let your waifu fantasies ruin your actual relationship. Some form of affection and fantasy for your waifu is tolerable but when it sips into your life then it is a problem.

Is it OK to have a waifu?

It is ok to have a waifu and you can have more than one waifu as well. However, do not believe that you can spend your life with a waifu. No matter if you make a full-sized dakimakura of her. Believe in making a real relationships with other girls or humans.

What is husband called in anime?

Husband is called husbando in anime culture. But husbandos are not as popular as waifus.

Who is the best waifu in anime?

Rem, Zero Two, Hinata, Erza are top most popular waifus of all time.

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