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Why do people like Hinata Hyuga?

Top Reasons why do people like Hinata Hyuga

Why do people like Hinata Hyuga?

I personally never really liked her.

However many people want Hinata as their waifu.

They like how she loves Naruto and dream that Hinata waifu would love them back like that. Unconditionally.

Top Reasons why people like Hinata

Feminine Characteristics

Hinata is probably the only female character that is most feminine among all the other naruto female characters.

She dreses like a lady, talks like a lady and behaves like one.

There is no reason to hate this gentle fist user. See? Her fighting style is also gentle.

Many people like these super feminine characteristics thus they like Hinata Hyuga‘s personality as well.

From Naruto – Chapter 1 to Naruto – last chapter you will be smitten by her kawaii face and behaviours.

Submissive Characteristics

BDSM and Hentai lovers love Hinata for her timid submissive characteristics.

She seems to be perfect waifu for doing a roleplay and be in bondage.

I am sure you will find many doujins on this as well.

Hinata – makes a perfect submissive waifu.

Unconditional Love for Naruto

Hinata Hyuga’s love for Naruto is legendary. She always loved him even all of the village people hated Naruto for the Kyubbi he was.

Many waifu lovers would love this.

They would want their waifu to love them unconditionally, selflessly.

Thus, Hinata comes on top when it comes to selecting a waifu.


Hinata by nature is a very kind girl. Kind people are good to have around but many times they get taken for granted as well.

Throughout the anime, we have seen her kindness and that is enough for many to fall in love with her.


Although she got ditched by her clan earlier she showed her courage and willingness to fight in the Pain arc.

We also see some glimpses of her fighting her and there as well.


Since she is to be a super feminine, timid female anime character. Her voice is sweet and not high-pitched.

From her voice of her, I always felt that she is very obedient to her seniors.

No rebellion at all.

Many waifu loves would love her for this.

PS: Even if you vocalize to win arguments, she can simply block your chakra to knock you out :p


She was only obsessed with Naruto and did not show much skin until the later years.

Compare this to Ino and you will understand.

She belongs to a noble family and she acts like it.

Her Body

I understand, that this is probably the number one reason why Hinata is considered the ultimate waifu of many otakus worldwide.

Even if she isn’t showing off her breasts, we all know they’re huge.

Not too large like Tsunade, but enough to make millions of Otaku’s fall in love with her body.

Thousands of Doujins, nude anime fan art supports this well.

Otakus like Hinata for her body.

Top Reasons why people Hate Hinata

Character development

She probably has some social anxiety or something. She is always hiding, always at the back of the line.

Many do not like these characteristics.

She does not win

Sakura may be useless but doesn’t she have many more feats than her?

Hinata rarely gets in fights and rarely wins.

 [Hinata vs Sakura – who is stronger?]

 Hinata got more attention from the animators?

A Stalker

Hinata is a high-rated stalker.

You might argue that she stalks Naruto only. And she loves her.

But stalking people because you love them, is it okay?

Hinata waifu Lovers

Blind Hinata supporters who always wage war on forums like reddit!

They are annoying, and most of the time they provide weird reasons for their love.

PS: Love can not have proper reason, right?

She can be scary

She with her Bakugan, and anger can be really scary. She can see what weird thing you are doing, what naughty things you were hiding.

If you get caught, which you will then you might be a dead body.


Hinata is a loveable character for sure, and Hinata is probably the best girl from Naruto.

But surely there are other waifus in the anime world who ranks above her.

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