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Why Zero Two is the Best Waifu – Do you know?

Why Zero Two is the Best Waifu? Why zero two is one of the most popular waifus? How did she do that in such a short time?

Why Zero Two is the Best Waifu

Zero Two is a character in the anime Darling in the Franxx. She starts off as a mess and is very difficult to work with, but she eventually develops stronger feelings for Hiro and falls in love with him.

Zero Two is an incredibly passionate character, and she shares her most intimate feelings with Hiro. This creates a powerful intimate bond that surpasses most other relationships in the anime.Zero Two Thumbnail 2Zero Two Waifu Sticker

Why Zero Two Is the Best Waifu from Darling in The Franx

The Appearance of Zero Two Waifu

Zero Two has a very distinct appearance which makes her stand out from the other girls. She is adorned with pink hair, horns, and cute makeup.

Additionally, she is a hot dino girl which again makes her stand out from the crowd. Her appearance is what primarily contributes to making her the best waifu around.

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Zero Two Character Detail

Zero Two is considered to be the best waifu by many anime fans because she has a solid backstory that is explained well in the show.

Additionally, she has many attractive traits for introverted and shy people, such as her strength and determination.

Anime lovers are usually more introverted and shy people, so that means Zero Two is a perfect match for them.

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Zero Two Waifu Has Animal Qualities

Zero Two is known for her partner killing behavior. Some say she’s like a black widow spider with venomous habits. The Stampede Mode of Zero Two’s mecha, Strelizia, is based on a big cat, a lion in particular. Kiss of Death by the theme song “Kiss of Death” fits the show perfectly!

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Zero two might look cute but she has Vampire Qualities

– “Vampire” is a term used to describe certain beings that drink the blood of other living creatures.

– “Zero Two” is one such being, and she has been shown to have fangs similar to those of vampires.

– She also drains her partners of their life force until they are weakened or even killed.

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A Playful Attitude

In the scene where Zero Two is in the bathtub with the other girls, she is shown to be much more playful and relaxed than they are. She jokes around and seems to enjoy their company.

Affection For Her Teammates

Zero Two is affectionate towards her teammates, she shows this through her actions of sharing drawings of what a wedding dress and marriage would look like with them.

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Sacrifice Means Everything

Sacrifice is everything to Zero Two. She was willing to give up her life in order to end the war against VIRM. This shows how much she cares for her friends and allies, as well as how determined she is to see her goals through.

Sacrifice is important in order to achieve a climactic effect in Darling In The Franxx.

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Zero Two is Loyal

Zero Two is incredibly loyal to Hiro. She is willing to do whatever it takes to be with him and follows his every order.


Zero Two is the reason that many of us will watch the show. We all liked her design, her dress and the voice. Apart from the violence that she does she also has a caring nature.

Perhaps this duality is what attracts people to her.

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