Anime Dakimakura Commission Art (NSFW/SFW)


Get your favorite custom dakimakura commission art with unique body pose and outfits. Kawaii Waifus, will make your fantasies about anime girls/waifus come true. 🌸✨

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Commission Art Guidelines:

✉️ How to Place Your Dakimakura Commission Art:
To initiate your commission, kindly forward all pertinent details to our email at [email protected] . Ensure to include references for character poses, outfits, accessories, and any specific details you desire. Please note, once your commission is confirmed, refunds are not available.

🕒 Response Time:
We aim to address all commission requests within 12 hours, though please understand there may be slight delays due to time zone differences.

🎨 What We Draw:
We specialize in anime-style artwork and gladly accept a diverse range of commission requests, such as:

– Gaming characters
– Anime characters, including Waifus
– Original characters (OCs)
– Fanart
– Fantasy characters
– Vtubers and Chibi Characters
– NSFW characters

🚫 What We Don’t Draw:
While we’re open to many themes, there are a few we abstain from, including:

– Violent themes
– Gore
– Mecha (robotic characters)
– Furry characters
– NSFW art depicting children
– Story-style manga pages

Dakimakura Commission Art Process - Kawaii Waifus
🎨 Art Process Overview:
1. Upon confirmation via email, our artist will provide a sketch for your review within 7 to 8 days.
2. After receiving the sketch, you’ll have the opportunity to request minor changes. Please note, major alterations to the full body position are not feasible.
3. Following sketch approval, we’ll proceed to the base coloring stage. Once base coloring commences, adjustments to the sketch cannot be made. We’ll await your confirmation before advancing.
4. Upon approval of the base coloring, we’ll finalize the artwork with shading and lighting.

🗓️ Completion Timeline:
The entire process generally spans 15-20 days, though complexities within the commission may extend this timeframe.

📦 Delivery Method:
The final digital artwork will be conveyed either via email or Google Drive. Please be aware that physical items are not included in this service.

Thank you for considering our commission art service. We value your patience and eagerly anticipate bringing your vision to fruition!


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Custom Dakimakura Art Commission 1 - Kawaii Waifus
Anime Dakimakura Commission Art (NSFW/SFW)